Vijay K. Saluja

It is time we start our Action Plan without much ado/delay, to complement & supplement the efforts of the local bodies/development agencies/govt with one RIDER-NO criticism pl even if you do not agree with them but make them see reason, pl. Therein lies your skill.

As per my perception, considering the existing governance system & the mindsets of the various stakeholders I propose the following [simple steps] Action Plan for all those interested, to make a difference for the better, in their neighbourhoods/colonies
1-Form a GROUP[name it].Have the contact details/brief profile of the members

1a-Identify a CORE GROUP.

2-Convene a meeting of the said Group giving one week notice.

3-If there is no seed money for expenditure-let you all contribute.Pl decide the amount for individual contribution with consensus

4-In the meeting, unfold the ACTION PLAN & assign duties & get into action in a CONSTRUCTIVE & POSITIVE WAY.

5-MONITOR the progress on sustainable basis.

Though,there are many issues, but there is need to set priority

To my mind ,these could be

MEDIA MANAGEMENT-These days development news have taken a back seat! This needs to be brought in the driver`s seat. HOW-well, this is a challenge. Face it.

MEDIA is a big resource,no doubt.

Organise Panel Discussion[only on ACTION PLAN] in the media/by the media.

Organise EMPATHY- workshops with the concerned govt officials/elected reps & the members of the civil society/community.

Areas [to start with in a focussed manner]

Optimum utilisation of public funds
Proper orientation of elected reps/govt officials

Timely/quality completion of well designed/planned [for fixing priority, community to be consulted] participatory planning projects of the colony.
Safety/congestion on roads.

I feel working, in a cohesive, committed & focussed manner, will also get the co operation & support of the local bodies/authorities/media


Writer is a  Senior Fellow-ISS, New Delhi & Ex Chief Engineer [civil]