Singer MJ rocking in the Film Industry.


He is hailing from District East Champaran town-Ghorasahan Lain, Bihar. His sweat voice made him more popular even in the bollywood film industry.Yes, he is Manoj Jaiswal popularly known as MJ. Talking to Dwarka Parichay he disclosed that he started singing on the stage right from the age five and never look back again. He sings old & latest hindi songs with his melodious voice and right from “तेरे चेहरे में वो जादू है बिन डोर खीचा आता हूँ

जाना होता है और कहीं तेरी ओर चला आता हूँ” “जुम्मे की रात है चुम्मे की बात है अल्लाह बचाए मुझे तेरे वास्ते” are his popular hits.

He has thousands of fans in India & abroad.

The journey of singing started from his home itself where all his five brother were also good singers & his mother was too a good vocalist.

He learnt basic Classical from Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya in Delhi. He has a very good academic background with MBA degree that too from Delhi. He has
done three bollywood movies this year as a playback singer out of that Rang-E-Ishq has been released worldwide in April and song :

”TU HI MERI ROOH ME SAMAYA “तू ही मेरी रूह में समाया” has become mega hit song.HIS second movie named TU HI RE “तू ही रे” is expected to release in August itself. Singer Manoj Jaiswal is rocking in the Film Industry.