Humsafar, an app-based doorstep diesel delivery service provider, launched its services in Bhopal, the state capital of Madhya Pradesh

Humsafar’s doorstep diesel delivery service has been initially launched in Bhopal, the city of lakes and adjoining areas. The diesel at doorstep will now be available to industries, farmers, housing societies, hotels, hospitals and other industries that requires diesel for static, oblique and heavy earthmoving equipment. Areas serviceable in and around Bhopal including Bersia, Kolar, Phanda and huzur.

Humsafar promises convenient and safe diesel delivery solutions with its fleet of Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation (PESO) compliant bowsers (delivery vehicles) and an easy-to-use app that allows users to place orders to their set location.

“Bhopal, the state capital of one of the largest state in the country is popular for it’s agro based and major, medium and small scale industrial units, malls, shopping complexes, hotels government offices and educational institutes.  Our primary objective is to help industries, hospitals, farmers and housing societies with regular supply of diesel in these tough times of Coronavirus to sustain themselves. It saves them the hassle of transporting large amounts of diesel form the petrol stations to their desired location. This also ensures that diesel is now being transported legally and most importantly, in a safe manner at the hands of experts,” said Sanya Goel, Director and Founder of Humsafar.

“ Apart from Bhopal, which is famous for major industries engaged in oriducing cotton textiles, power equipment, textiles, jute and agro products  Humsafar plan to launch plans to launch its diesel at doorstep services in other parts of Madhya Pradesh including Indore, Gwalior, Ujjain, Rewa, Jabalpur. Sagar and Chambal .It will also launch its services in the neighbouring Chattisgarh soon..

Humsafar’s solution allows users to place orders on their apps and choose the desired quantity and delivery location. The PESO approved Bowsers (delivery vehicles)  with 3000 to 6000 litres capacity then fuels up at the station and arrives at the location within eight hours. With mobile fuel dispensers, the diesel is safely transferred at the destination with zero wastage and spillage. The trucks are also enabled with geo-fencing technology that allows users to track their movement.

“We’ve used technology to make diesel delivery as hassle-free as possible. We have live tracking and automated billing features with assured quantity and quality. The mobile fuel dispenser will remain locked till it reaches the destination ensuring there is no wastage or pilferage,” said Dilpreet Sadana, Co-founder and Technology Head at Humsafar.

Users with requirements for as little as 20 litres can avail Humsafar’s services. The Diesel is delivered at the market rate with no additional delivery charges.

Humsafar has recently  tied up with Okara Group, a leading transport and logistics company,

“Humsafar has about 40  mobile dispensing bowsers in varied capacities and an experienced team of 90 people excluding bowser crews. We’re planning to expand our services to other parts of Uttar Pradesh including Lukhnow, Kanpur, Agra, Varanasi, Meerut, Saharanpur and many more cities,” concluded Sanya.

Humsafar is currently providing diesel at doorstep services in Punjab, Uttarakhand, Haryana , Maharashtra, Assam, Kerala, Gujarat  and National Capital Region (NCR) including Noida, Delhi, Faridabad and Ghaziabad.

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About Humsafar:

Humsafar, a consumer brand of Samridhi Highway Solutions, offers doorstep diesel refuelling services to industries that require diesel for static, oblique and heavy earthmoving equipment. Humsafar’s solution promises convenience, easy-to-use technology and cost-effective alternatives to traditional methods of diesel procurement. With the assurance of safety and zero wastage, Humsafar is leading last-mile delivery in diesel while enabling a safer environment for all. Also Humsafar is helping Petrol Pumps to start Diesel Door Delivery with Humsafar Bowsers.As a Customer Delight initiative, Humsafar recently launched a unique Campaign to deliver Mobile Dispenser in 45 days or will pay 1 lakh to the customer if they fail to deliver.
The essence of the Campaign is to ensure timely delivery and value commitment.