Include the Prime Minister under Jan Lokpal

Four days to end corruption at the top

Dear friends across India,

On Monday, the Jan Lokpal Drafting Committee will decide if the Prime Minister is accountable under anti-corruption laws. Government Ministers will try to put his office above the law. Let’s build a massive public push before the meeting, and get a totally independent system that can clean up politics at all levels.

Should the PM’s office be under the jurisdiction of the Jan Lokpal?



Clicking on ‘Yes’ will allow you to sign a petition that reads:

To the Jan Lokpal Drafting Committee:

We call on you to ensure that the the Prime Minister’s office is under the jurisdiction of the Jan Lokpal bill, creating an effective and strong law that treats all levels of government fairly and equally.

Jan Lokpal is our best shot at cleaning up politics and fighting corruption at all levels of government. Exempting the highest political office from its reach would undermine the entire anti-corruption effort.

Click ‘Yes’ to sign and forward this to everyone — we will deliver the numbers at the meeting and with hard-hitting billboards around Parliament on Monday.

With hope,

Saloni, Emma, David, Alice, Ricken, Ben, Shibayan, and the whole Avaaz team