Should You Follow Your Head or Your Heart?

Ritu Agarwal
(Mass Media Student of MasscoMedia)

Now-a-days this question often comes in youth mind whether they should follow their heart or head. And the answer of this question is little bit difficult or complicated or diplomatic.Because you have a head and a heart for a reason. As we all know that our heart and head are the two advisors that helps us live our life in their own way.Both help us in taking important decisions of life in their best ways.It depend upon us , which advisors , we should choose according to the requirement of situation .Our life changes like Earth’s weather sometimes we go through very good times or very bad times , and just like weather, people behavior regarding also changes which make us understand which advisors “you should choose”. For example : those relation in my life which pure and pious, for them I follow my heart. And for career , I follow my head.

So. conclusion is that our head and heart both are right and they operate in different ways,once we understand them , how to use it. Anyone will be most successful and happiest person on the planet.So I choose both advisors according to he situations of our life.