Tips before buying property

Surender Singh

It is very important to know the tips before buying any property.

Title Deed/Legal documents
First of all check the title deed. You can find the actual owner of the property. In maximum cases the people show the photocopy of the deed. It is advisable to demand the original copy of the deed. With the help of this, you’ll be able to know the property belongs to which category such as commercial, residential or MLU. It’s very important to find out the actual location of the property and its legal identity before finalizing the deal.

Measurement of the Property
One should check the actual measurement of the property before registering it to your name. Sometimes, the measurement in the documents differs from the actual measurement. You can take the help of Surveyor to know the actual measurement.

Kinds of Property
It is to verify that property belongs to which category such as free hold, lease hold or Government accommodation. Free hold means that you are the owner of the structure stand on a particular land. On the other hand, lease hold means that you are owner of land for a specific period only.

Encumbrance Certificate
It is compulsory to obtain encumbrance certificate from the owner of the property. This certificate makes it clear that the property does not borrow any loan. This certificate is arranged from the office of sub registrar.

You can take proper guidance from a good real estate agent who can guide you in better manner. To purchase a property is a big issue, so don’t take hasty step. Take sufficient time to know the things and take wise decision to purchase a property.

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