International Dimensions in School (IDS) prog. launched in N.K.Bagrodia Public School

N.K.Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka is really striving fast to sharpen the talent of its young brigands. Various programmes are started by the school to make students aware of the changes taking place in the world. One of the initiatives in this regard is laying the corner stone of a program titled as “International Dimensions in School”. It aims to impart students the knowledge of the remarkable changes in the field of sports, politics, economy, discoveries, etc. It also focuses on achievements by people in the world.

The initiative was started in the month of August with the topic of BRICS and Commonwealth Games. All classes, right from 1st to 11th, were engaged in the activity. Different activities were designed and given to every class. In the month of September, World Peace was the topic and once again the Bagrodians passed with flying colours. This time the activity was organized in a much grand manner. 
The Director of United Nations Information Centre Mrs. Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman graced the occasion. Mrs. Kiran Mehra-Kerpelman, Director UNIC, was so impressed by the initiative that she graded the program as the best she had attended in the recent times with so much diversity. In the month of October the topic was India-US ties. The topic was inspired by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to US.

Citizen’s reporter
Sujit Kumar, Incharge, IDS