It was a black day for the whole literary fraternity

(S.S. Dogra)

New Delhi: 27th August,2016, Cafe De Art Gallery, Connaught Place. It was a black day for the whole literary fraternity because the Book written by Dr. Kaynat Kazi on well known Hindi author Krishna Sobti namely “कृष्णा सोबती का साहित्य और समाज” could not released due to Krishna Sobti’s threaten. Actually, Dr. Kaynat Kazi arranged a Book release & Photo Exhibition (Sabrang) programme in the Gallery. The Photo Exhibition was presided over by Dr. Sachchinand Joshi ji-Member Secretary-Indira Gandhi National Art Centre, Govt. of India. Senior Journalist Sh.Vijay Kranti ji (Consultant Editor-DD News) was also graced this photo exhibition as Chief Guest & Sh. Anant Vijay(Senior TV Journalist & Columnist) as Special Guest. Dr. Kaynat Kazi is a versatile Media personality having a quality of brilliant Photographer & writer. Her photographs showcased in the gallery on different life style were appreciated by all dignitaries & visitors. Sh. Sushil Bharti ji-Filmmaker & Station Director of Radio Noida anchor the whole event efficiently. 

But it was really an unfortunate day in Literary world because her book on famous Hindi writer Krishna Sobti could not released due to some personalize issue.

Sh. Vijay Kranti ji who was the Chief Guest of the said book release & Photo Exhibition boldly expressed the following comments his personal Facebook Page today.


I attended the function to inaugurate Dr. Ms. Kaynat Kazi’s photo exhibition today at CAFE DE ART in Connaught Place She was so terrorised by Ms. Krishna Sobti Ji’s threats that she pushed the book launch out of the event’s agenda. Interestingly Sobti is neither the author nor publisher of the book. This book is just based on Dr. Kaynat Kazi’s PhD on literature of Krishna Sobti.

Let us not forget that Krishna Sobti is the same author who first criticized Sahitya Akadmi for manipulating literary awards but later accepted it. Then she once again invited national lime light by returning this award on the issue of intolerance.

And now she herself is publicly demonstrating her intellectual intolerance by threatening the lady author of severe legal consequences if she got her book launched by intellectuals whom she does not like for her personal political reasons.

Sobti ji is same author who did not raise voice against live burning of 6000 Sikhs by Congress goons in 1984. She practically supported harassment and hounding of Sulman Rusdie and Nasleema Tasreen by government and jehadi Mullahs by keeping mum. What a shameless conduct of intellectual terrorism by this lady against an innocent Hindi woman writer!!! Dear Sobti ji, I respect you for your good literature. I wish you were an equally good human being. At least, please don’t behave like a communist terrorist.

Even, Sh.Sachichinand Joshi ji & Sh.Anant Vijay were also unhappy on this non-release of book issue. All media person, friends, family, relatives of Dr. Kaynat were also amazed & annoyed to see such humiliating situation. It was really very sad incident for the whole literary world.