JM International School hosted the annual project expo, SRIJAN

The occasion saw an array of projects, models, and class presentations exhibited by the students from grades Ankur to Five. The parents appeared ecstatic as they witnessed the magnificent works put up by students.

A resolution tree was placed in the school corridor and each parent was asked to write a resolve to save the environment. Along with the project expo, the school also presented the cultural extravaganza, AURA, where the students of classes 6th to 12th showcased their talent in front of parents and teachers.

The gala commenced with the floral welcome of the respected Principal, Ms. Anuradha Govind. Students unveiled their artistic flair through their spectacular performances, while leaving the audience spellbound.

The school choir, Surangini, performed a mashup of regional, bollywood and International numbers, along with a Qawwali. The vocalists also left the audience spellbound with their solo performances.

The senior dance troupe, Panache, also captivated the audience with their musical on Swachh Bhaarat Banayein, emphasizing the need of keeping our surroundings clean. In another performance, they also presented a fusion of several classical dance forms from our country. The audience couldn’t resist cheering out loud for the solo dance performers either, who put the stage on fire with their electrifying performances.

The students left all appalled with their mime act on MOBILE MANIA, which gave a comic insight into the grave issue of mobile addiction.

The cherry on the cake was the finale act, KAR-MAA. The dramatists of the school, from Rangmanch, paid reverence to all mothers, whose efforts go unacknowledged in our day to day lives. The enactment left the audience teary eyed.

The day also marked the launch of Infinity Chocolate Products, the brand created and sustained by the students of JMIS. A kiosk was put up at the reception, where the children were seen selling handmade chocolates, chocolate popcorns, Chocopies and Chocolate dipped Oreos with ease and diligence. The effort was highly appreciated by parents.