Ideas change the world. The power of a new idea is the engine that transforms the way we live and think and thus re-strengthening this belief, a stimulating workshop was conducted for the students of Grade IX-XII of J M International School on 14th April 2017 facilitated by Mr. Shobhit Banga, co founder and CEO, JOSH INDIA who shared thought-provoking stories delivered by super achievers from technology, science, conservation, politics, sports, and the arts at JOSH TALKS 2016, a platform that showcased India’s most inspiring stories. The main topic of discussion of the workshop was how to innovate in daily life so as to find one’s purpose in life despite challenges. The students were also asked about one alarming problem in the world that they would like to resolve if given a chance. All the students enthusiastically participated in the discourse and stood by the slogan “HUM YAHAN HAIN JOSH YAHAN HAIN” so that the young brigade can inspire more people to take the leap of faith.