​Prembabu Sharma​

Recently, Director Madhureeta Anand, Meenu Huda and Kuldeep Ruhil were in Delhi for the film “Kajarya” promotions.

The film ‘Kajarya’ deals with the pertinent topic of sex selection in India. The film is a thriller and dictates the story of two women who collides in a world of female foeticide.

Besides being chosen as one of the top five films to see in 2014 by Forbes India magazine it was also premiered at the Dubai International Film Festival and 10 other film festivals across America and Europe. Kajarya was one of the only Indian film to won as the Best Foreign Film at The Silk Road International Film Festival in China.

Madhureeta Anand the director of the movie has directed many documentary films and series, spanning an array of genres. She is the recipient of Karamveer award for her work on social issues. “The film is based on female foeticide. I have tried to show the separation that a city has with the village. my aim was basically to take the people into the world where something like female foeticide happens. apart from that media ethics has also been shown in the film”

“I am playing the character of Kajariya, a woman in the film in her early thirties who murders girl infants in the garb of religion. This film actually helped me in taking my frustration out which I have been holding for so long.” said Meenu Hooda.

Kuldeep Ruhil who was last seen in the film “Sahi Dhande Galat Bande” is playing a badie in the film.” I am playing a character named Banwari who is a psyco bastard and is indulged in all the bad activities” he said.

“In the starting it was very difficult for me to portray the character so we have done lots and lots of workshops to bring that negativity in me. after a point of time, all the girls present on the sets started hating me” he added.