Thinking minds: Is Adrafinil Really a Healthy Drug?

Akshita Goel

Over the several decades’ health and health supplements have gone under the saw of heated debates an enormous time. Yet, we fail to get an agreeable response to our queries. Among these health supplements Adrafinil owns its considerable space. Adrafinil an energy boosting supplement powder which fights sleeplessness, anxiety and other health issues and promises to hike up the working of human brains without any side effects. Yet, there are a lot of questioning minds over the use of drug, such as:’ is intake of Adrafinil really Safe?’ or ‘Why the United States Food and Drug Association are planning to hammer its operations?

For all your answers we have got a roll of reasons that increase the chances of getting Adrafinil into the frame of: ‘May be banned by the FDA’.

What is compelling FDA officials to outlaw the supply of Adrafinil?
· First, with the limited use yet a number of bad effects:
(Having medicines daily!)

Every drug has its own side effects on the body of the consumer. Likewise, Adrafinil (known to be ill effects free) is known to cause side effects such as: mild headaches, reduction in appetite, rise in blood pressure, feeling of nausea and insomnia. All these bad results are said to be the base of long term health problems.

· Second, Adrafinil and Caffeine upshots are closely linked:
(A cup of coffee is preferred.)

Talking about the effects of daily intake of Adrafinil on our body, you will find that it’s after effects are just equal to those of Caffeine. This health supplement is also of addictive nature. Further, if the person fails to munch on it, it can cause problems of extreme headaches, high level of irritability in the user, feeling of nausea, vomiting and so on.

· Third, the lethal combination of Liver and Adrafinil:
(Bring yourself to a standstill and think)

Discussing the long term ill effects of the health supplement on our body, it is the liver that converts Adrafinil into Modrafinil. The pertinent organ in the human body where the ill effects of Adrafinil is said to crop up considerably. Users can face problems of toxicity in the liver with the long term use of the drug. It happens because the process of changing Adrafinil into Modrafinil puts up a lot strain on the delicate organ which in turn raises the level of key enzymes in the region.

· Fourth, Effects on the Skin:
(Again ask to yourself… Is Adrafinil really safe?)

Researchers have said that the continuous use of Adrafinil may end up causing a number of skin problems in human body.

These skin troubles may include conditions like Stevens Johnson Syndrome, the DRESS Syndrome and Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis leaving you with a number of prescriptions, medicines and ointments

After discussing all the hazards of Adrafinil we hope all the debates, questions, and confusing words going in your brain are sorted out and to an extent the main clause of Adrafinil: ‘May be banned by FDA.’

We would request all our readers to consult a doctor before commencing with the intake of Adrafinil.

(We are very fond of seeing our readers hale and hearty.)