Peace Walk organised by Sri Venkateshwar International School

Peace cannot be achieved by force or dictatorship. It can only begin with a smile and achieved by understanding. In the midst of chaos and proxy wars that afflict nations across the globe. Sri Venkateshwar International School made a sincere effort to shed the dark clouds of hatred, revenge and rage by organizing a peace walk under the guidance of the Principal Ms Nita Arora on 13 October, 2016.

The school Eco Club and Social work club undertook a walk from school to Sector 12 Metro Station, Dwarka. 35 Students of class 7 participated in this walk to raise awareness on importance of the presence of healing, reconciliation and moral accountability in society. 
The world is moving with a fast pace and has left no time for addressing to basic values. To keep this in mind the venue the metro station was chosen to sensitise the common man and commuters on the need for harmonious living. Students carried placards –

· Be Polite to all.
· Spread Smiles.
· Celebrate small joys, do not wait for a big one.
· Solve differences by forgiving and not arguing. Etc.

Students were landed for their efforts and appreciated by the commuters & metro Staff.