Love – The Most Powerful of All Emotions

Rosy  Vohra

Love is a term people adore using the most irrespective of any barriers of region, religion, language or any other boundaries. Every one wants to be in love. It can be love for a person, concept or even for an idea. It gives a person self motivation for doing something which otherwise they would not have otherwise been doing it. Love for their children makes parents run around and do everything possible for them to do under the sun. Love for nature, a concept, money, power, learning or an idea makes people slog hard and look for resources practically every where in the world.

This feeling makes people cover huge distances which can be physical, mental or emotional to arrive at their cherished destinations. Love can be described as a process that generates motivation and willingness, an urge to perform a task whole heartedly. Lovers consider love as holy, divine and sincere.

This is a feeling of intense attachment and attraction. It is an urge to be one with the person you have fondness for. Two people in romantic love are bond with a feeling of passion, cherished interpersonal and sexual affiliation. The stimulus of love instigates the pleasure centers in the brain and causes the release of pheromones; serotonin and norepinepherine which increase heart beats; feeling of enthrallment and causes loss of appetite and sleep. Biological Sciences view sex to be the undercurrent of love and the urge is akin to drives such as that of hunger and thirst. It is said to begin with lust and leads to attraction and attachment.

The sexual urge that propels the individual into mating process is what is lust and is linked to up swing of sex hormones primarily the testosterone and estrogen besides the nerve growth factor such as neurotrophin.

Attraction is individualized and pertains to selecting a specific person for mating. Attachment is bond that is instrumental is causing the relationship to last life time primarily by way of marriage and children. Hormones such as vasopressin and oxytocin have a role to play in maintaining and thriving of attachment.
Long term love can be sustained amongst individuals by way of :

* Spending moments of love and care and renewal of commitment from time to time.
* Genuine care, concern and commitment to work out the relationship. These feelings should be displayed and visible to the partner.
* Looking into long term benefits of your partner. Do nothing that is detrimental to the interests of your partner.
* Stopping one self from infidelity and unwanted temptation that can ruin trust

In terms of an organization, it is the love for any of the aspect of ones’ job or associated with an organization that makes a person perform maximally. This aspect can be pertaining to content in work it-self, pay package, perks, brand name or any other thing. It is that urge that makes him remain attracted to the organization and stay engrossed in his work.

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