Maharashtra Prepares for 13th State-level UCMAS Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition 2017

 CBS Education Pvt. Ltd, the Master Franchisee of UCMAS in India Mumbai Region which consist of 9 district of Maharashtra, is conducting ‘13th State Level UCMAS Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Competition 2017’ on 15th January 2017 where more than 4000 students of the ages 4-12 years, across Maharashtra will be participating, announced in the press conference held today at the Press Club, Mumbai.

Each UCMAS student participating in the competition will be solving 200 arithmetic math problems depending on their UCMAS level and their age. They will be given time of only 8 minutes to finish as many problems as they can. Universal Concept Mental Arithmetic System (UCMAS) is an international educational organization globally recognized as a leader in whole brain development and mental arithmetic training.

The competition will take place at the Centre One Building, World Trade Centre, Mumbai and prize distribution will be held on 17th Jan at Pracharya Vaidya Sabhagriha, Dadar. There will be two ‘Champions of Champions’ title, of which senior ( F, G, H, and K category) will be awarded a cash prize of 30,000 rupees and Junior ( C, D and E category) will be awarded cash prize of Rs. 11,000 and all ‘Champions’ title winners will be awarded a cash prize of Rs. 3000 each.

Mr. C. D. Mishra, Director of CBS Education Pvt. Ltd said, “Every competition of this level for UCMAS is a milestone achieved. We are overwhelmed with such a big participation from students and their supportive parents across the state of Maharashtra. The increasing popularity of UCMAS proves that Indian parents have realized the potential of its training and confirms their belief in our vision, which is to impart love for arithmetic and develop lifelong skills in quick problem solving.”

The UCMAS Program is designed to develop the integrated and motoring functions from both sides of the brain. The training provides better focus and concentration combined with enhanced creativity and memory, thus, helping students to swiftly determine the problem and formulate a practical solution – and not just in Maths – but in navigating effectively through everyday life.

Mr. Bhanu Rajput, Director of CBS Education Pvt. Ltd said, “CBS education gives an opportunity and a platform for all its UCMAS students to test their proficiency in Abacus and mental math skills. Our students put in a lot of hard work to perform high level of concentration while using or visualizing the abacus. Their performance at such competitions brings pride not only to their parents and CBS, but to the entire state and nation as a whole.”

UCMAS is an institution which runs all over India and abroad. It trains children of 4-12 years in arithmetic and enhances skills like concentration, creativity, listening and photographic memory.