Maintenance and upkeep of parks in sector-23 and other sectors of Dwarka


Cicily Kodiyan                                      

Citizen’s Reporter

President of ANHLGT


Members of Association of Neighborhood Ladies Get-together Dwarka and Residents of Neighborhood Societies, Sector-23 jointly  met Joint Director Horticulture, Dwarka and Electrical Engineer to decide about the maintenance and upkeep of the parks in sector-23 and other sectors of Dwarka.

In sector-23 there are three bore wells but none of them are working. Two are new motors are still not installed. As old bore well  cable is damaged plants are not getting water. The residents contributed money and brought the water tank and started watering the plants. Inspite of  repeated requests there was no progress. About 20 members went together to express their grievances to the authorities. We demand that all the parks in Dwarka should be maintained properly. The following demands are put to the authorities

* Permanent malis to look after the seasonal plants and trees.
* Borewells and power supply cable to the pumps to be regularly checked and maintained .
* Light should be provided inside as well as around the park.

A Letter with all the requests was presented to the Deputy Director Horticulture along with the signatures of 50 residents.