Making BHARAT POSITIVE- A Call for a better tomorrow

A Special assembly was organised by the students of JM International School in their endevour to create a Positive India showcasing various activities including the Round table Conference attended by Ms. Anuradha Govind, the School Principal, at Fever 104 FM radio station, interaction with Gautam Gambhir and traffic management activity undertaken by the students in the pursuit of metamorphose. The students of JM International School have enthusiastically participated in MV Speaker of the Year 2017 wherein the theme is “BHARAT POSITIVE.” Ms. Anuradha Govind, the School Principal as well as few students had also visited Fever 10FM Radio Station to voice their opinions about changing India for a better tomorrow. The students had previously managed the rush hour traffic, warned errant drivers and bikers and also learned road safety norms along with the traffic police at the NH24, Ghaziabad traffic signal with zeal and enthusiasm as another part of the Bharat Positive initiative. The students have skillfully proved that the youth of today is the driving force of change for a better tomorrow.