Media can do wonders in student’s life, if utilized well during their regular study(Part-II)


 Media is called the 4th Estate of Democracy & it  is really powerful. Actually, Media has the capability to influence opinions, behaviors, beliefes, attitudes and values among the mass. But at present media is known for a negative approach & criticized as misleading our new generation. The serious thing is that students are excessively surrounded by hundreds of TV Channels, Social Media option to keep themselves busy on their mobile & its application & sometimes they misuse it.  There are many examples  of it as there are very serious concern about our upcoming generation. The excessive use   of   Mobile & its distraction are deteriorating   our    Indian   society to  a  large extent.  But,  the question is, whether we should keep away our wards from these gadgets or guide them to use this modern Media device more carefully to make it more meaningful by a fair use of  this useful & helpful gadget.

     The students must  utilize it to find out the solutions & update information of their  interests. In a broader sense, it may be particularly related to their study, current news, information, subject query, career option, updates or happenings about their surrounding or nation which may be informative for their family, teachers, relatives, friends & connected colleagues. This is the best use of Media which is the need of the hour  for our Next Gen. As you know that our thought process is very much influenced  & shaped by Media only.  It means that our perception about any political party, social activity, corporate world, product, culture, public issue, local, national, international know how, art, culture, sports, public agenda etc. are all guided and influenced  by the Media.

About the Author & his Book “Media can do wonders in students’ Life” by Surender Singh Dogra (popularly known as S.S.Dogra),  This book  is a compliance of  more than twenty years experience of his active journalism, research  on Internet and other media books.  This book covers almost all the branches of Media and Mass Media like, print, electronic,  internet etc.  It’s a handy book for any student right from VI class to XII class. It is very helpful book for media students of  XI and XII in particular because it has covered the basic syllabus of Mass Media Studies subject.  Apart from basic knowledge about Media the topic like Major Indian news agencies, Media Universities, Colleges, Institutes, Media Terminology, Media Day, inspiring quotes, Media quiz are the major attraction of this Media Book. This is  really very helpful book for the students  who are even appearing in the media entrance test for BJMC too.

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