No Jobs by Modi Team only `Ghar Wapse`

Rakesh Manchanda

Simple way in which human being differs from animals is their advance mode of home sharing. Ancient home canvas of ritual exchange established caring, customs, trades and food. Home coming is natural. Even an animal needs a home. Spirit to share a safe roof enabled our ancestors to formulate a survival kit and standardize a home coming-`Ghar Wapse` concept. Jobs are essential for survival and cannot be separated. Home is a sweet gathering of joy, happiness and sharing of wealth earned but it needs sustained income to run a home.

Good Governance or copy of Pakistan/Taliban Governance :
Children want to enjoy holidays for all festivals Diwali, Eid or Christmas. What is common on 25th.December celebrations? It is Christmas and is the birthday of Ex-PM Atal Bihari Vajpee. Pakistan proudly puts it as a holiday less because of Global Christmas festival but because of Birthday of Mohammed Jinnah. Schools for all by 2015 as `internationally committed` by several world leaders including our Hon.PM. Modi team wants children to attend school on Christmas Day and write an essay on Good Governance Day. Instead of fighting poverty as pre-election promise, Modi team is now fighting for re-conversions by using bribes.

Modi team must stop attacking their own home like Nazis and Talibans and stop copying Pakistan Governance habits of compromise.

Plan that Modi Team has sincerely launched after getting elected is religious `re-conversions` using `Ghar Wapsi` tag which was never a pre- election Modi promise. With no clear cut jobs, why politicians (instead of religious heads) are allowed to promote religion? Excuse of Modi supporters remains that all `other` religions are a problem as shown in the self explanatory RSS pamphlet.

Religion and re-conversion can never be a catalyst to fight poverty. Religion gives team work opportunity for better society but it is never one of the best collective `stand alone` system to provide survival via jobs. 

Why Re-Conversion is Modi`s survival strategy :
On global platform Modi supporters are realising fast that winning elections on mere false promises can never shape PM Modi as an achiever. Conversion was never the pre-election promise of Modi. Why Time Magazine chose to name collectively Ebola Caretakers ? Even when Modi fans and readers of Time magazine have voted for him ? It is collective team versus one man who stands promising but never delivers. Misuse of power by Modi team is natural. When Pradhan Sevak cum Chowkidar-PM Modi says vote me (BJP regional faces) on my honest `single` credentials then why he runs away from the conversion issue. How can BJP remain a different party ? When116 corrupt Congress leaders crossed over to join BJP for tickets in Lok Sabha Polls.

There is no clear Modi Road map to provide schools and generate jobs and remove poverty. Only visible work left for BJP MPs, MLAs and Corporaters and politicians with criminal background is to flame up religious emotions to fetch votes for greed and power. In his Calcutta speech RSS Chief Bhagwat says stop us if you dare and bring a law against conversions. “We want our loot maal (robbed items) back. So why should any person object to Ghar Wapsi.” Uncomfortable truth which RSS chief hides is why BJP has failed to give jobs to millions unemployed. A short cut on Ghar Wapsi` is justified by Modi Team with competitive edge on other religions and with Pakistan style of Governance. Let us see how ?

Addressing a convention organised in Bhopal as part of the golden jubilee year celebrations of the VHP, Praveen Togadia alleged that conversions to Christianity and Islam, by force or by offering allurements, had made Hindus feel unsafe so VHP will ensure that population of Hindus in the country increases from 82 per cent to 100 per cent.

ISIS fighters’ and Taliban belief that “all religions who agree with democracy have to die” while according to VHP leader Ashok singhal the world wars are fought due to Christians and Muslims.

If Muslims and Christians are a problem as pointed by BJP speakers then by this rational thinking why countries like Bangladesh, Nepal and several African nations dominated by a single religion in majority are still a poor. What about Buddhism that was born in India but has roots in several other countries of Asia?

Religion is an essential collective support tradition for masses also for a moral support. Religion had never dared to fix government `freebies` for its followers. Understanding re-conversions-Modi style via bribes and open deals supported by government is breaking the modern progressive fabric. Where is the money for re-conversions coming from? If there are one lakh conversion in a year then the support deals require 100,000×500,000=… ?? Rupees.

Raising a tag of `Ghar Wapsi` only for poor minority is cheating. Mentioning poor as `robed goods` by RSS is an insult to humanity.

If a `Ghar` or a Home for shelter cannot be given to millions then the Modi team must atleast give dignified opportunity for a job to all.

About Author : Has worked in India and several countries as Director Executive and is now monitoring the historical people movement for a Swaraj.