M. K. Gupta
M: 9810550172
Mismanagement is prevailing at the Matiala Constituency Election Office at Kakrola and the residents are made to visit the office every now and then on false promises. On the one side, the govt. plans to issue of Voter I-cards at the time of students entering in to Universities.  One applicant, Rajender Kumar Kotia of Qutab Vihar Colony has submitted three applications for himself and two for his family members on 2nd Sept. 2009 (repeat 2009) but today, he was again told to come in February. He told that he has visited many times in the past after taking leave from his office but only false promises were made.  Another applicant, Dinesh Kataria Gold Croft Society in Sector 11 applied in  July and according to him, even after making about 10 visits to the election office, he has not been delivered the card.  He had to give a complaint in writing against the delay. The author has also came across some such other applicants also who were turned informing to come again in February. The in charge of office told the writer that the computer programme of voter I–Card is locked and will be opened on 25th this month as that is the voters day also.
However, when the writer confronted the in-charge and told her that he will approach the media and is from the Dwarka Forum as this is his fourth visit, a staff member (name whithheld) first told him to surrender the old cards but when he replied that this is not required.  Seeing the squabble, the in-charge told the applicant to wait for some time and he was issued all the four cards he applied for himself and other members of his family after waiting for about half an hour which shows that no programme is locked.  Though the cards were issued on 11.1.2011, the date of issue has been printed as 7.1.11.