Manohar Luthra 

Dark clouds loom large on the Sky
Monsoon has come too soon, but why
To quench the thirst of Sun-baked earth
To save us from the wrath of burning Sun
But rain came heavy as a water gun

Green looks greener as if in rebirth
Trees bathe and wear new look
As rain fed nature we see in book
Leaves and twigs sway with gusty wind
To welcome Season’s changing trend
Birds flutter their wings with joy
Children play in the puddle and make it a toy
Parched fields get new lease of life
When water flows in the brooks
Young girls sing and swing in full mirth
A new life breaks on earth
Raindrops pour in bucketful measure
Turning the streets into gutter with
Overflowing muddy water
Traffic jams galore to our woes
Though rain brings relief from hot billows

But man is a fool
When it is hot he wants it cool
When it is cool he wants it hot
He always wants what it is not