Monthly Hawan and deliberations on Panchagavya Products at Kamdhenu Gowdham – Revered Swami Yog Bhushan Ji

At the outset Shri S.P.Gupta, IAS (Retd.) and Founder Chairman of Kamdhenu Gowdham welcomed all the guests. Shri Subodh Kumar, Founder Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Gaushala, Shri Dinesh Gupta, Businessman, New Delhi, Shri Chandra Bhan Gupta, Businessman from Kaithal.

Shri Gupta informed that this Godham was established for protection of cows being suffered in the district of Nuh. He also said that this gowdham has started doing conservation of indigenous breed of cows. This gowdham also makes the Panchagavya products as bi-products of the cow products. The gowdham also works as research institute. There are 4 type of biogas plants in the gowdham. The slurry is being used for the agriculture purposes and producing organic and herbal products. The gaushala is also planting medicinal and herbal plants.

The monthly Function of Kamdhenu Gowdham was organized as a part of educating and sensitizing the public about the values of our indigenous cows and their Panchagavya Products and arranged Yagna followed by a special talk on self reliance of the Gaushalas in the Country. Revered Swami Yog Bhushan Ji, Founder, Dharma Yoga Foundation blessed the audience by delivering a talk on the values of the indigenous cows and Panchagavya Products. He said that there are two mothers; one gives us birth but the other looks after us which is Gaumata. He said that the surroundings of cows are very pious, energetic and peaceful and keeps many diseases away from us. Gau, Geeta and Ganga are our three indifferent holy and divine powers of our country. The Indigenous cow is Kamdhenu which fulfills our all wishes we think of. He also said that the Jain Teerthankar looks after all the living beings and cares for all. He stressed that cow milk is the complete food for the human beings and termed as Amrit. The pain and suffering of animals comes from them during their slaughter goes to the nature and reverts or comes back to us in the form of Natural Calamities like earth quakes / tsunamis / floods etc. therefore the rule of Live and Let Live should be followed. He said that the Dhoop Battis and Agar Batties available in the market are dangerous for our health and we should replace them by the Dhoom Battis made from Cow Dung and Cow Urine which keeps the environment clean and hygienic. He suggested that the everyone of us should go to some holy place or teerth sthans at least once in the month which rejuvenate our health and body. Finally he asked all the participants to undertake 4 oaths (Sankalpas) which are :- Save Jal (water), save Jungles (Trees), save Jamin (Land) and thus save Jeevan (Life).

Shri Bhaniram Mangla, Chairman, Gau Seva Aayog Haryana and Chief Guest of the programme greeted the chairperson of Kamdhenu Gowdham for doing such a wonderful work. He told that various new schemes are to be implemented throughout the state of Haryana for betterment of guashalas. The biogas plants and CNG plant as pilot project in Gurugram gaushala is to be launched. He said that Kamdhenu Godham is an ideal institution of cow protection and goshala development in the country which may inspire other gaushalas to preserve the indigenous breeds of cow, prepare the panchgavya medicines and generate the funds to make the gaushala self reliant. He said that if any experiment and innovative techniques for advancement of Gaushalas are developed at Kamadhenu Godham, then the personnel from other gaushalas from all over the country could be trained here. Shri Mangla appreciated the activities being undertaken by the Kamdhenu Godham are an inspiration to the Gaushalas working in remote areas and needs facilities to continued the Gauseva service. He informed that Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana no stray cattle should remain without proper shelter and fodder as per the schemes of.

Shri Dinesh Gupta ji said that maximum people are ignorant about the values and importance of cows. He said that we cannot imagine about our existence without our indigenous cow. The cow milk is only food which provides us complete nutrition. The manure and other bi-products from cows are the most valuable asset of our country.

Shri Subodh Kumar, Founder Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Gaushala said that wherever the cow is worshiped and reared the soil becomes most fertile there. The surroundings near cows should be very pleasant. The herbal and medicinal effects comes in the milk of cows when its graze in the pastures and jungles. Carotene, luetine and protein are available in the milk of cows which are most useful to our body. The inbreeding is dangerous hence should be stopped for better production. He also informed that the Artificial Insemination develops infertility and dangerous for the health of cows. The success rate of AI is very low. He also told that the vegetarian foods consumes very less quantity of waters comparative to the non veg. foods.

The programme was convened by Shri Priyank Gupta. He said that the Hon’ble PM of India has given 200 indigenous cows to Rawanda during his visit there. Dr. Gautam Dev Sood, Jagdish, Pawan Kumar Gurugram, Sunil Jindal, Taura, Raj Kumar Sharma, Janakpuri, Ramesh Pandya, Ghaziabad. The programme was also participated by various AWOs, Gaushalas, animal lovers, animal welfare activists and others.