Neglect of civil responsibility

these pics will tell the story of the sheer neglect of civil responsibility towards we taxpaying public. as earlier mentioned i had to undergo twice the axle repair in my car in past one year due to these horribly damaging roads that connect the entrance to dwarka (from janakpuri) and also when you enter into this road when coming from dabri. both sections are so bad and it has like this for months. why do we pay advance road tax to govt.when they do not give quality roads? curious thing is the actual road has been opened for trial run (trial run for past month!- is not the actual commissioning supposed to be done shortly after the trial runs?) but the 100mtr of connecting stretches on either side is in such poor conditions that we really would like to find one single person who is responsible for this mess and ask him to drive his car himself over & over this stretch the whole day!

pradeep k. ivon