Nivedita plans to try her ‘Bhagonwali’ luck at slot machines in Vegas!

PremBabu Sharma

Guess who’s packing her bags for a trip to the US of A?

It’s none other than “lady luck” Nivedita Tiwary who plays the harbinger of good fortune on Zee TV’s Bhagonwali! While it remains to be seen whether Nivedita really brings good luck to those around, she’s definitely bringing herself some “serious” good fortune … after all, who doesn’t mind an all-expense paid trip to some of the hottest spots in the United States?

Yes! Zee TV plans to send Nivedita to participate in the 5th Annual Asian Wedding & Lifestyle Expo to be held in Chicago on February 26 this year! While in the United States to promote her show at this prestigious event, Nivedita plans to pay a visit to her favorite holiday destination – Las Vegas.

Nivedita has always believed that she’s super-lucky and wants to check out her luck at the slot machines and the card games. Sounding all excited, she told us, “I’ve been to Vegas just once in all my life but I was too young to try my luck at the casinos back then. I have always been lucky at games and contests and have even won a small lottery. Add to that, the fact that my latest show has me playing a girl with the Midas touch and I have every reason to believe that I’ll come back with a substantially heavier purse!”