NKBPS volunteers visited Don Bosco ASHALAYAM

25 NKBPS volunteers from classes VI-X made an unforgettable trip to Don Bosco Home,Palam on 20.12.16. The smiles of the children have lingered in the bagrodians for a long time since. The friendly attitude of the volunteers and the games they played in the Home really made the programne commendable. The volunteers were also very touched when they received the warm welcome from all the staff of the orphanage. All the kids were so eager to meet the volunteers. The programme commenced with a lively dance performance by the volunteers. The happy tune made everybody feel younger. Two presenters,Sakshi (X B and Khushi XB) started by introducing the attendants. On behalf of the Don Bosco Home, Father Swaroop Choudhry, Incharge of the orphanage, and another staff gave us a warm welcome . the volunteers presented the kids different gifts as token of love. All the singing and dancing really made everybody feel very joyful. They also did a fun Flashmob together.The volunteers showed their love towards the children through this performance. The purpose was to make the children happy and to help them develop an optimistic outlook. The show was followed by a game. There was also a dance performance with other interesting activities performed by the kids. They did it with passion and enthusiasm. It was really a wonderful treat for all.The inmates were very hospitable and friendly, and they welcomed the with their beautiful smiles.They sang carols,played guitar,narrated a short story from bible,entertained them with jokes etc. The students also made them sing and dance along with them and distributed Christmas cards,chocolates and candles. NKBPS students created awareness through nutritious meal planning, salad making etc and cooking without fire activities.

Toeat food is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art‖.To induce healthy eating habits in children, a Healthy Salad MakingCompetition was organized. Don Bosco orphanage Children not only actively participated in it, but also came up with good nutritional salads. They were also found to be well informed about the nutritional values. It was a memorable as well as a learning experience for all the volunteers.