Vijay K. Saluja

Parenting, to my mind, is a life long process of nurturing a child[biological or adopted] all through his/her life to support the individual`s balanced development in various areas-physical, emotional, mental, intellectual & social. The main responsibility, though lies with the parents but the siblings, elders in the family, teachers, friends , the Govt & now a days –the media too, plays big role in the overall effort/exercise.

There is so much written & talked about various aspects, skills, styles of raising a child to adulthood. The same varies from country to country, society to society, family to family, depending upon the income level, education of the parents, available facilities, schooling, quality of teachers, curriculum etc etc.

But, though, these are essential & important factors, but certainly not the last word in good parenting?

What actually is required from the parents are love, patience, flexibility, caring nature, time, understanding, embracing & adopting sense of moral values & ethics & following the same in their own lives with firmness & in a fair manner.

Nothing teaches a child or growing teens or an adult of any sex, more than emulating examples of their parents & their friends/associates etc. Here in present times, now, media has very vital responsibility to educate, guide , inform & as well initiate corrective/ curative actions for the parents, govt, society, teachers & the growing children. Their positive efforts & inputs will make thoughtful parents, good children , caring govt & better society/lives.