Paresh Ganatra “The Prankster on sets of Chidiyaghar’’ on SAB TV

Prembabu Sharma

Paresh Ganatra, who essays the character of Ghotak Narayan in Chidiyaghar on SAB TV, is turning out to be the on-set prankster devising something new every week. After the last prank on Saransh Verma, this week Paresh along with Sumit Arora targeted Shilpa Shinde who plays the character of Koel (Paresh’s wife) in the show.

Sumit and Paresh found that their watch and IPod were missing. On the same day Shilpa too lost her gold chain and since she uses her own jewellery on the sets, it was a personal loss. Everyone on the sets was convinced that there was a thief on the sets and Shilpa announced that she was going to file a police complaint about the thefts on the set.

The same evening, to her relief, her gold chain was found but she was still distraught about Paresh and Sumit’s missing belongings. She made the entire unit search for the same and even participated in the search. A little while later, she was informed that Sumit’s and Paresh’s belongings were also found and that too in the same place where her gold chain was found. It was too much of a coincidence for Shilpa and she realized that she had been made the target of a prank.

Paresh, speaking about the prank, said “Shilpa is a smart girl and our attempts to catch her off-guard have always failed. We had to find a way to fool her. So this time while planning a prank on the cast and crew, we saw an opportunity to target Shilpa and changed our plan accordingly. So, apart from the two of us no one else knew anything about it and their reactions were totally genuine which made Shilpa believe everything.”

Sumit Arora, speaking about the prank, said “It was fun doing this. We had actually planned to stretch this for a few more days but, Shilpa caught on to the prank and both of us just could not hold on to our laughter when she confronted us. But her expression when she realized that her chain had gone missing made the whole effort worth it. I must say she is quite a sport and took the whole thing very sportingly.”

Shilpa Shinde, the target of the prank, said “These guys have been trying to pull a prank on me for quite a few days but each time I have figured it out. I actually skipped a heart beat when I realized my chain had gone missing. Their pranks finally get a smile on everyone’s face and all ‘s well that ends well.”

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