Pol Khol Delhi :Exposing Corrupt Leaders & Loot Systems.

Rakesh Manchanda
About author : Has worked in India and several countries as Director Executive and now is full time supporter of AAP in Delhi and North India monitoring the historical people movement for a Swaraj.

Pol Khol Andolan or `Expose the loot` is the Hindi slang used fashionably for demystifying the corrupt system and its foundation by misquoting Constitution of India wrongly. It splits open the links in a system that favours the 1% traditional ruling parties BJP-Congress and their beneficiary leaders.

Why BJP-Congress-Mukesh Ambani Nexus do not want Corporate, PM/CM and CBI or even Delhi Police under Lokpal needs to be understood.This is the same crop of leaders who do not hesitate to whip out knife and pepper spray in Sansad to protect their own interests and power. Then they proudly insult common man by saying they are unfit to run governance wherein it is common man tax and hard work and his commitment to his family and nation which has a better score card. This is the same tribe of BJP-Congress that gifted `ginger` to tease AAP leaders who were powerless inside the Vidhan Sabha. This nexus mindlessly gifted bangles to AAP leaders during Lokpal deadlock teasing them and insulting the 50% women of Delhi.

Unhealed wounds of Public that were forced to be kept hidden by unfair system are seen blending again. Pol Khol opens the hidden complain box which the system was hiding by encouraging police to protect or to act only for only those who could pay the `bribe`. Thanks to Public pressure the Police is today ready to even lodge an FIR for loss of a helmet costing Rs.200/-.

Peoples movement with unending grievances against old Governance system show that a leak in a dam cannot be stopped even if match fixers forced 49 days Government of AAP in Delhi to stop operating.

Society at Maholla level was kept divided by the unequal exploitive system protected by the traditional parties. AAP Government was engaged via public volunteers to unlock the corrupt hidden system.

Several Mahollas under 49 days AAP Delhi Government had initiated a constructive meeting on how to make sharing, social structures, and lives of all stakeholders meaningful. Participants feel the need to understand, strengthen and improve the `equal partnership` in our welfare setup between an ordinary occupant and the old empowered post holders of RWA.

Pol Khol is a big success. Evidence is that today common man on the street is taking the unlimited risk supported by the new breeze of `Seva` Politics. The Pol Khol also opens unhealed old wounds of several common people who had suffered under political riots and rising prices.

People are getting ready to reverse their old habits to accept all weak logics and `samjhauta` or compromise of the Neta/Leaders. Pol Khol gives an opportunity to people at ground zero to show how corrupt system favours few for profit and is responsible for poverty of the majority. Corruption and match fixing by the BJP-Congress shop of Ambanis is now responsible for the rising price of essential goods in the market.

AAP government has gone but left the new `Public Tool` called Pol Khol which shall continue to empower 99 % people.

For Better Delhi & for Better India.