Police Public Pressure Splits Open Delhi Governance Old Disconnect

Rakesh Manchanda

The word Police originates from the Latin word ‘Politia’ meaning ‘civil administration’, which derives from the Ancient Greek word ‘polis’ meaning ‘city’. There are majority of honest people still in police system Why are they never able to protect the Politics of 99 % hard working Public who are the real masters of Delhi and its economy ? Unequal social and economical justice remains the root reason for people getting angry and supporting AAP on the new format of Swaraj resulting in street fights to bring Police under control of real masters in future.

How has the Delhi CM protest politics changing the equation fast ?
Police, Public, Politician and Parliament all 4 Ps are inseparable. Before birth of a new system labour pain and bleeding is absolutely normal. PTI today reports lower level police officials were with AAP.Two former top government officials, including a bureaucrat, will help the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government in Delhi realise its promise of ‘swaraj’ and monitor the anti-corruption helpline for the people at a token salary Re 1/- each. Former Delhi Police joint commissioner N. Dilip Kumar, who is to monitor the AAP government’s anti- corruption helpline to nab bribe takers, will also draw Rs. 1 per month as ‘symbolic amount’.

“A man resigned and came to join us. He had tears in his eyes. Another man who was shouting slogans in our favour was suspended. There will be a rebellion in Delhi Police too,” CM Arvind Kejriwal said today running his office from the Sadak outside Rail Bhavan.

Corruption is a systemic collective community problem and is not a individual driven problem. Corruption canvas is designed to serve the corrupt which includes few corrupt while majority people are honest. Corruption canvas in ministry can be broadly divided into two parts : Corruption during delivery of services to common man and Corruption during sale of natural resources or 3M satellite routes to 1% Corporate-Bankers-Politician-Police Nexus.

Police in any democratic country continues to be the first `street smart` agent to protect the Human Rights of a common man. Take any problem from stolen mobile to missing passport, to jumping of traffic rights,to denial of home loan by bankers, to murder,to rape we just cannot jump and ignore the police network in a civil society.

In any situation Police avoids to register the complain as the first incidence report.

Why ?
To protect the `anarchy` under the civil administration mask and to earn bribe as profit out of this situation. Many policemen off the record claim having paid 50 lac to get posted on the station of their choice and auction of police station posting is an open secret.

Let us see how the Police in Delhi is championing the Human Rights of 99% Indians ?
In 2012 a village Sarpanch and a leader of Punjab’s ruling Shiromani Akali Dal was repeatedly shown on television slapping a lady teacher as she demanded a permanent contract for a dignified teaching adhoc job. As usual, police officers present at the spot shown on Television refused to act.

Back in Delhi several teachers and security guards are on contract and underpaid but police refuses to even hear such cases. Why should a criminal person who gets elected as MP/MLA continues to get VVIP privileges not only for five years but also at times life long ? It shows how weak is the national policy to generate jobs and ensure productivity.

Worst was reported by women rights activist of Krishna Nagar Ms.Zulekha who lost her husband a street fruit vendor who was beaten to death by police on having refused to pay Rs.500/- weekly bribe.

Sample another Delhi unsolved incidence twenty years ago :
It has been brought to my notice by resident of Vishwas Nagar east Delhi constituency a case of forceful and illegal encroachment by Delhi Fire Service of the victim`s property of 1411 sq yards in Village Baharpur, Tehsil Mehrauli under Kalkaji Police Station.

It is highly unfortunate that Mr.Chaman Lal had been given false promises by Ex-CM-minister of then BJP Government Smt. Sushma Swaraj and later Shree Madan lal Khurana and Shree Sahib Singh Verma.

Later Mr.Arvinder Singh Lovely and Mr. Wallia had been turning a deaf ear since past 15 years on the written prayers of the said victim for political intervention and justice by the ruling governments on the land grabbing initiated by the government servants of Ministry of Urban affairs shows a `match fixing` by police.

I have studied his case files ,property papers and correspondence carefully with initial written complain to SHO-Kalkaji given twenty years before on 16/2/1994 against the bully and forceful encroachment supported by traditional political set up of the past 20 years. The police demanded Rs.10,000/- for looking into this matter and even after paying Rs.7000/- no FIR was lodged then and even today.

This grabbing of land as per the court agreements was done after breaking the boundary wall of the victim. His office property including one staff quarter rooms and one shop were broken and bulldozed forcefully in his absence as he was out to attend some `Satsang` outside Delhi. All household asset and shop goods were robbed and Life threat to the guard was given and later the guard was forced to run away under threat to save his life.

It unfortunate since September-2004, the Fire Service officers under patronage, nexus and protection of Ministry of Urban affairs were asking huge bribe to vacate this land although the `victim`had been religiously paying all land tax dues till date of this land which was forcefully grabbed since 2004.At present only 311 sq yards is given back to this real owner while 1100 sq yards is still under illegal encroachment by Delhi Fire Service.

Now instead of court litigation defendant Delhi Fire Service officials want an amicable solution but the victim wants solution under guidance of new AAP.

Bhushan Kumar Malik an NRI and resident of A1/42, Mianwali Nagar; New Delhi-110087.Mianwali Nagar tells his entire colony resides in state of terror due to nexus of police and MCD.

Face any problem of small inner roads entering the resident societies you again cannot ignore the role of Police for daily commuting. In Srestha Vihar market the corporator-MCD-Junior Engineer and Police all can be seen misusing the market space for private and personell business in Shretha vihar East Delhi-92.

MCD Engineers and offices play games since past several years and give excuses that building material can only be removed when the MCD gets another space to park it.

MCD Government trucks are streamlined to come and pick up the material daily whenever they get a customer to buy river sand or bricks.

Public is forced to accept the parking space to be used for private retail business under the hidden mask of Government MCD officials.

Residents and the market users are all suffering with shrinking space for the parking and petty fights over encroachment of other parking are often seen.

At the time for medical emergency we find the inner roads totally choked and blocked by unregulated cars due to business intention of MCD.

People`s backing of law and monitoring of police in the need-supply engaement is a must. If laws are applied correctly fast justice supported by distribution of wealth generated can deliver more work as a team. This shall ensure less conflicts. Better governance with no `Politician-Police politics` and no protests is possible. Politicians at large must stop nursing the governance of 1% people by using police as a tool of extortion during conflict management.

Only constructive participation of people, more decent jobs, safe roads and effective laws with speed justice can stop slap politics. Logically discipline must start at the bottom and maintained at the top.

Active participation of people can help bring a change and bring police under new future collective control of both Delhi State and Central Government of India.

About Author : Has worked in India and several countries and now is a full time supporter of AAP in Delhi and North India monitoring the historical people movement for a Swaraj and is also applying for Aam Admi inhouse contest for Lok Sabha candidate-East Delhi.