Positive attitude is required for the development of Dwarka – S. P. Rai

In an exclusive interivew Mr. S. P. Rai- President-Senior Citizen Association, Dwarka spoke to Mr.S.S.Dogra-Managing Editor, Dwarka Parichay. Exceprts:

When you started the journey of Senior Citizen Association in Dwarka?

Senior Citizen Association, Dwarka founded in the year 2003.

Did you have previous experience to run such organisation?
Yes, Dogra Ji,  I was President of Senior Citizen forum, Amedkar Nagar way back 1998 till 2003. We had around 300-400 members there.

What is the strength of Senior Citizen Association, Dwarka?
Right now, we have approximately 1100 member till date.

Do you get any help from other organisations?
Yes, Off course, Helpage India, National Institute of Social Defence, Harmony, Mumbai, any many more local organisations as well as individuals help us a lot..
Name few  executive members of your association?
My self President, Mr.S.K.Garg-Vice President, Mr.Balbir Singh Yadav-General Secretary,
Mr.K.Madhwan-Treasurer, Mr.Gurdas Singh-Joint Secretary of the association.

Do  you get cooperation of your team/members?
Yes, our team work always there and able to achieve our goal.

What is the major problem with senior citizen in Dwarka?
We are unable to get proper medical care in Dwarka.

Your members are from which category?
Most of our members are from Service class retired person.

What type of facilities are appreciable?
We are getting 40% discount in railway fare and around 50-60% discount on air travel.
 I appreciate the Govt., leaders and official who made it possible just for the convenience of the senior citizen.

How do you maintain yourself fit and energetic?
I always believe in positive attitude and work according to it,  rest is the result.

What is the official address & email ID to communicate you?
Any body may contact us at the the following address i.e; Senior Citizen Association, Dwarka, Flat No.-9, Pocket-1, DDA, Sec.-23, Dwarka , New DelhiYour browser may not support display of this image.  Email ID is:  scadwk@gmail.com.
S.P. Rai – 28051011, B.S. Yadav – 9868881190

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