We cannot expect the present breed of politicians (except for a few) to take the country out of this mess of scams, corruption and black deeds. We can only look up to the youth of today for the nation’s progress in the true sense of the term. From the Mumbai incident on 26/11, the youth will appreciate the value of the sacrifices of not only our freedom fighters but also our armed forces and the police. 

It is because of the day-night vigil of our soldiers on the borders that we civilians can get a daily night’s peaceful sleep and can carry out our occupations and get entertained. Unfortunately, we have taken our freedom and liberties for granted. It is not only citizens from the present but also people from the past generation who shed a tear or two only when patriotic songs are sung or heard over the radio or TV or on road-side loud speakers on red letter days like 26th January and 15th August, but revert to their routine after that.
It must be obvious to you now to infer that I regard a soldier very highly, whatever be his rank. The youth must be exposed to the rigours of a soldier’s life. That I feel will come only through the compulsory enrollment of youngsters in the Army for a period of maybe 5 years. They would then realize the value of freedom and would do their best to see that the country is safe. It will not only enhance their mental alertness and physical fitness, but also contribute to their leading a disciplined life thereafter. I understand this practice is being followed by Israel – a nation most beleaguered by terrorism, and also with the most advanced and sophisticated technology and management to deal with terror. 

It would be great to see the realization come among the present generation of youth who will one day grow up to be responsible citizens and become the leaders of tomorrow in business, industry, education, sports, administration and even in politics.
In the course of my association with students, I have come across many who share similar feelings. I may be sounding idealistic but I feel that with such students we still have hope for our country. I hope that students will take the initiative, wherever they are, studying or later working, of contributing positively to their country of birth.

On this occasion of Independence Day, I greet all our Countrymen and women and I look forward to peace, progress and happiness for all Indians.

Jai Hind!!!

Bharat Maata Ki Jai!!!

Anup Y. Attavar
Connecting Indians