Minutes of First TalkSol held at UVNAC

Dear Friends,

As earlier intimated, TalkSol [Talk less Solution More] series on Safety of Roads has been started.The objective is to change the stark ground realities & not only talking/discussing .The inaugural TalkSol was held on 29th January 2018.
The Minutes of the same follows.Pl see how you-the readers can help in this area.

Your efforts/suggestions/views welcome.

Vijay K. Saluja

TalkSol [Talk less,Solution more] –“Role of Youth in Minimizing Accidents on Road”
In an endeavour to complement the efforts of the concerned authorities to findout solutions/change existing on ground realitiesto/in one of our majorproblems – Road Accidents, the first of a series of `TalkSol` began today, at UriviVikram Charitable Trust[UVNAC] venue at Sector 22, Dwarka with the active citizens of Dwarka/ other stakeholders. Urivi Vikram National Adolescents Centre [UVNAC] an NGO started by Dr UNB Rao, a retd IPS officer whose young son died in a road accident has very readily offered to be an active associate in this noble venture, as inter-alia, informed by Ms Seema Naqvi Director (Organization Development) of UVNAC while welcoming the participants.

The discussion started with Mr Saluja emphasising the need for using a different approach/strategy to change situation on the ground. Since, the group discussion was more focused on ‘Minimizing Accidents on Road by identifying the role of the Youth’. Mr Saluja mentioned the already suggested/discussed recommendations by various committees such as Introducing the Road Safety Education in Schools curriculum, having trained Educators, having Parents involvement with the concerned subject, also instructions through religious channels for safety in driving etc, in short involving all the sources/stakeholders for implementation to improve the ground realities.

Another member from a neighbourhood NGO mentioned two ways of approaching the problem; Short term and long term. In short term , the objective would be to improve the driving habits on the Road; in Long term, the method would be to take up with the authorities to ensure trained-police availability for 24 hrs, fairer/ stricter implementation of Challan-measures, ensuring safe crossing of footpaths, fear of law/cancelling of license etc for drunken/fast driving etc.

Another suggestion came from representative of a ladies group who said that community groups/RWAs need to mobilise youth for sensitising/activating them on various issues related to safety on roads

One participant informed about a school in uttam nagar who provided training on various aspects of road safety. Similar model can be replicated in other schools as well, he suggested.

Other recommendations included making of videos to be shown during the events or school competition, organizing workshops in association with the traffic police, celebrating traffic safety weeks, street plays, organizing rally and giving traffic duties to youngsters. Other suggestions included NGOs to associate with RWA’s (Residents welfare associations) & training/awareness lectures to be conducted by Traffic police, before issuing Licenses.

A few other things which came out for taking action, were creating Whatsapp group for involving Youth, use of social media for spreading the word and asking traffic police to associate with the schools/institutions, to fill the implementation gaps.

The first `TalkSol` ended with a happy/positive note for sustainably understanding the various problems and then improving the ground realities, willingness to bring like-minded willing persons together for tackling the challenges. Most importantly the need was felt for changing the mindsets of all the stakeholders. There were many facets to the same. The same would be uncovered in the next meeting.

· Three groups were formed; one of SDKS (Sukh Dukh k Sathi) members who would organise related programmes in the CGHS/DDA housing etc in association with RWAs & the concerned authorities, another of ladies of ANHLGT (Association of Neighbourhood Ladies get together) who would coordinate with schools/parents/other ladies group & the third of younger participants, who would use digital media as discussed for the avowed purpose.

The TalkSol ended with vote of thanks to UVCT Centre [Dr Rao & his team] & all the participants.

In the next meeting, all the participants will bring more like minded participants/stakeholders & as well share their experiences

Vijay K. Saluja

**********************TalkSol on Safety of Roads organised**************

`TalkSol` on `Role of Youth in Minimising Accidents on Roads was organised at
UVCT Centre located in sector- 22, Dwarka.

Talk Sol-to improve Neighbourhood

Having been in the Municipal Government throughout, in my professional career,it is my personal experience & observation,that Local Body of any metro/city/town is one such organisation which closely/almost daily affects the life of every resident/citizen of that place.If its working is efficient & ethical, then the quality of life of people living/working in its jurisdiction is better & thus, they are happier lot & vice versa too.

Sadly, vice versa operates more often?!

Why, it happens/is happening?

It has many answers. On this aspect,I intend to write in detail, later.

In this piece, this is to share with the readers about an effort of starting `TalkSol` series.

In TalkSol,it will be less of talk & more of finding solutions to the day to day civic problems which affect common man & engagement of the participants with the stakeholders to bridge the implementation gap & obtain positive changes on the ground.

As I live in Dwarka, the inaugural `TalkSol` on `Role of Youth in Minimising Accidents on Roads was organised at UVCT Centre located in sector 22.

Residents living in Dwarka/Vasant Kunj in particular are invited to give their suggestions/views on the matter,for the betterment of DWARKA/Vasant Kunj

My personal belief is `Instead of changing the world,let us first improve our NEIGHBOURHOOD

Vijay K. Saluja
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Former Chief Engineer[civil engg]
New Delhi Municipal Council