Prabhu Deva wanted to be a traffic constable when young!

Prembabu Sharma
 20 year old Raj is a die-hard fan of Prabhu Deva! He’s been crazy about him since childhood and has been imitating all his dance steps! As luck would have it, the young lad not only got a chance to meet Prabhu Deva but also live his life for an entire day on UTV STARS’ Live My Life!

Raj was put up in the presidential suite of a 5 star hotel and that was only the beginning of surprises that awaited him! Awaiting Raj, in his suite, was a letter by Prabhu Deva written in Tamil. Raj was assigned the task of decoding the letter. The poor lad couldn’t make head nor tail of what was written but luck was in his favor and he got someone to do decode it for him and that someone was none other than the gorgeous Shruti Hassan! Raj was taken to meet Shruti on the sets of Prabhu Deva’s movie at Bhor! He was overwhelmed. But a bigger surprise awaited him; a meeting with Prabhu Deva himself! Prabhu surprised the fan and spent a long time chatting with the guy! He spoke about himself, his kids and his childhood. In fact, he also confessed to the boy that he wanted to be a traffic constable when young! Raj was more than happy to be privy to this bit of information! And if that wasn’t enough, Prabhu deva also made him dance to his tunes! After all, it isn’t every day that Prabhu Deva opens up on National Television.

Tune in to this fun filled episode of Live My Life 2, featuring Prabhu Deva and his biggest Fan, Raj, this Sunday, 18th November 2012 at 7pm only on UTV STARS!