Producer Rajeev Kashyap Watches “Main Krishna Hoon” movie with Katrina Kaif and Kids

Its seems kids will have a lot to smile this winter as they had the Bollywood fabulous actress Katrina kaif crunching back popcorn with them in theater. Producer Rajeev Kashyap hosted a grand screening of his animated film “Main Krishna Hoon” at CineMax. Bollywood hottie Katrina Kaif came in cool look, she was looking absolutely fabulous. She was seen enjoying movie with school kids. The kids were thrilled to see the movie and to interact with sizzling actress.

Katrina Kaif said, “It’s a great moment to watch my first animated movie with these lovely kids. I enjoyed very much. I am extremely proud of my movie as it is receiving fabulous response from the audience before the release. It’s a film that I am going to love and cherish for the rest of my life. I believe this is going to be the proudest film.”

In “Main Krishna Hoon” Katrina Kaif is all set to explore the different aspects of acting. She has done a cameo in Rajeev Ruia’s movie. She is playing a role as a Radha and will be seen doing an action sequence.

Rajeev Kashyap said, “”There is an action sequence of Katrina Kaif in the film. She has done marvelous action. In Main Krishna Hoon is a film wherein there is a kid called Krishna and there is an animated Lord Krishna. The action sequence will feature Katrina fighting with the goons and saving the kid Krishna from them.”