Vijay K. Saluja
Ex Chief Engineer[civil]
New Delhi Municipal Council

Today, you incite for rally,
What will you do,
When we all will have
Empty belly?
Today you say
Close the shops & schools,
What will we do, when all of us,
Turn into fools?
Today, boys are playing cricket
On empty roads,
What will they do, when these spaces
Will be choked with vehicles, of all modes?
Today, they are playing rummy,
And devouring food, which is yummy
But, how long will this bliss last,
When they keep on playing dummy?
Today, the police & the army
Is chasing the rallyists
In  lanes & on roads
What will they do
When they spread their tentacles
And descend upon their homes?
Beware, it is not
yet too late
Let the police protect
army  defend
student study
babu work
and trader trade
Let every one pray & work
In the places
Of their choice
And all of us endorse it
In one loud voice
Our dear country is already so poor,
It can not afford
The luxury of
Acrimony,  disunity & strife.
We all will have
To come together,
If we want
A better life.