M K Gupta
MCD has on an average, one gardener per 40 parks as for about 750 big and small parks at Dwarka, it has only 20 gardeners. There is urgent need to adopt parks by RWAs and CGHS’ for which MCD gives Rs. 6,000 p.m.
In sector 11, from Metro Station till it the sub-road joins main road of sector 11 (KM Chowk), about 40 street light poles are not working for long.
The Traffic Signal in front of Dwarka International School Sector 12 is not working for long.
The newly installed traffic signal at Kavery Chowk on Sector 6/5 has not started working even after its installation about six months ago.  The amount spent on this was over Rs. 7 lakhs.
The cement concrete is being filled in the roots of the trees (sector 3,6,9,19,22 and 23) and some trees have even been cut in between in a manner that they are bound to die.  This can be witnessed on the corners of the roads and at dividers.  In Sector 14 near Kautilya apartments, about 10-tree have been cut.
DDA is giving breathing space to the trees by removing tiles around their roots.  This can be witnessed on the both sides of roads from the red light of sector six till the crossing at f Fire Station.

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