Repairing Road After Laying Down Cable !

Around two/three months ago, a company dug out the roads adjoining to the Dharma Cooperative Group Housing Society and Krishna Residency CGH Society in Sector 18-A, Dwarka, for laying down the cable for providing Internet and some other services. After their work was over for laying down the cable, their workers just leveled the dug out soil in an haphazardly manner , but neither did they repair the road nor cleared the mounds of soil gathered into and around the holes which were made previously to make way for the rainy water to escape into the drainage system.

Now the rainy season is fast approaching and the mounds of left over soil is still lying on the roads. When the rains start early next month, it will make the roads dirty and also prevent rainy water from going into the drainage system. In view of this, DDA and MCD or other concerned government authorities are requested to please look into this problem and impress upon the company (who dug out the road) to repair the road and also clear all the holes so that obstructions into the free flow of rainy water, are cleared of the mounds of soil which may otherwise prevent the rain water to flow into the drains. 
And if that company doe not repair the road and do the other necessary work, huge penalty should be levied on it for dereliction of their duty and causing inconveniences to the residents of this area. 

Citizen’s Reporter
R.D. Bhardwaj “Noorpuri”