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Tarot gives a general advice for the zodiacs and can answer specific questions if you are present and ask the questions. 

Aries: The Ram (Fire) Planet: Mars Tarot : The Emperor
Personal : You will be more than aware of your feelings this year. A time to confront those hidden emotions and keep a check on anything that is mentally playing on your mind but you refuse to confront it. This year will see all your buried emotions surfacing and you will be compelled to work on them.

Profesional : There are a lot of things you want to do all at once. A few things will go right and some incidents will crop up in your life reminding you of times when you might have been not-so-honest with your dealings. It is payback time for you when you will have to be as supportive to those who have helped you at your time of need. Playing mind games will go against you. There could also be times when you might get into office politics just to save yourself from being hit. Be careful.

Love : Love blooms. You’ve been looking for a match and this is the time you will come across someone who sparks a fire in you ! Someone who will propel you to be yourself, your creativity and persona will bloom because of this person! I see June as an important time when you will want to decide about prospects of being in a relation or getting married! Luck! Muah!!!

Angel Advice : Do not procrastinate! Now is the time to go ahead and take action without nursing doubts ! Trusting your gut feeling will be the best way to move forward this year!

Taurus: The Bull (Earth) Planet: Venus Tarot : The Hierophant
Personal : You have a lot of issues to deal with and till you are not aware of all those things you have done in your past and how it affects you now, you will not be able to move forth ! 2012 is a year of karmic lessons for you that will make you ever so careful in your dealings. There have been times you have taken things for granted, this year will make you realize that it’s time to appreciate all those things that came your way! Pay attention to the events that happen now and relate it with what you might have done in your past or it would also mean you need to sort issues of a previous lifetime !

Profession : There is struggle and strife with respect to your career. Issues might prevent people from co-operating with you and you will find yourself caught up in ego tussles with your colleagues. There will be times when you will have work pressure, be careful as to not allow those opposing you to stop you from giving up !

Love : You will be doing what you love the most, connecting with people, partying, and socializing ! Spending will exceed what you earn. This could also be a means to release the pent up stress that you feel in your otherwise mundane life ! Enjoy without overdoing! Those single will look forward towards marriage and also will be attending a lot of functions of their friends, joining them in their celebrations!

Angel Advice : 2012 is a year of learning and studying. Gathering information will be a priority towards expanding yourself in your career as well as growing on the personal front. It also means, take action after knowing a situation well !

Gemini: The Twins (Air)   Planet: Mercury Tarot : The Lovers
Personal : Are you a whole new you this year! I see that! Love has taught you a few things ! Love is nothing without your soul-mate and you are so in love with everything ! Have you put on a different lens for 2012 because everything appears just perfect ! A good time. Those looking for love, this is your year ! A beginning of something new on the personal and career front !

Professional : You know your work well ! Those wanting to start off on their own, it’s a good time, You are skilled and aware of what it takes to be the best. Hard work and study pay off. Debts are cleared, pending money comes in ! Your efforts are being noticed! Go !!! Muah!!!

Love : And you love to be in control of everything don’t you Gemini ? This year will test your mental faculties, challenge you and bring you out of the shell you have been hiding in! Love does that and it’s happening to you! People will understand you well and you become more understanding as time passes by! August will bring some love luck too!

Angel Advice : An archangel card for you ! Healing is what you want, healing is what will happen! As you heal, you will see positivity and be able to heal others too !

Cancer: The Crab (Water) Planet : Mars Tarot : The Chariot
Personal : Everything now comes to you but waiting is essential. The balance has to be maintained, not too soon, not too fast. Everything will happen in it’s time even though you are not able to see it ! What looks obvious to you, dear crab is just your perspective. Wait and Watch is the name of the game for you this year

Professional : Are people actually making an effort to work in tandem with you! Yes they are ! 2012 brings co-operation from those who you never expected to give you their support ! What more, you will be selected for some important task. Those in construction, building, architecture benefit from their properties!

Love : A complete change, a transformation is on the cards. Enough of crying over spilt milk. Now you’re as good as new to walk away from the past, give yourself the love and care that you craved from the other person and that’s what’s going to bring the right person to you, sending the right vibe will attract your love. You will be giving in love but also realize that it needs to be balanced. Taking is as important !

Angel Advice : And finally, you feel at peace even though on the offset things look different. There is a calm around you and you have inner belief that eventually everything will be fine! Yo Cancer, it will be! Muah!

Leo: The Lion (Fire) Planet : Sun Tarot : The Sun
Personal : Getting after our goal, aren’t we? And nothing is deterring you from your path in 2012 ! Even though there might be those who give you wrong directions, you have it in you to get on track. You might pause for a bit but that’s about it! You know what you are doing, headstrong lion !

Professional : A little stability, a little slow is what I see in your career this year ! Your health might take a toll on you. Take breaks when things seem out of hand. Lie down, take a power nap,relax or go to that spa! De-stress is your mantra for 2012 ! Leo doctors and healers would see success this year !

Love : Aww! You feel incomplete and you long for nothing more than to be with your better half ! Yes, you have a longing within you, a deep supressed desire to be loved ! However you will have to let go of control issues during this year and bring in more emotionality to existing or new founding relations!

Angel Advice : You’re prayers are being answered and how. Somewhere you have the right feeling about everything and you know how to get there, a guide from a different realm is now your angel showing you your path ! Listen!

Virgo: The Virgin (Earth) Planet: Mercury Tarot : The Hermit
Personal : You have been longing for being one with people who have the same bend of mind as yours. And you will feel fulfilled this year with those who come in your contact. It’s like being magically taken to a place that you always had imagined in your mind and now you see it for real! Yes, 2012 brings your inherent wishes to a reality ! Believe it, people will appreciate you, want to be with you, understand you and communicate with you like never before!

Professional : Ouch! A sudden change or news that won’t go well will you. You be careful of people playing ego games with you, colleagues trying take away what belongs to you in terms of credit, designation and assignments! It gets tough for you to handle the events and you might get bogged down ! The best thing at this time to do would be to know that this change happens for the best and there is something new and worth waiting for coming your way ! Good Luck!

Love : Ego struggles ! A love game is being played ! You and your partner not letting go off their control and wanting to prove each is one up ! This eventually will give rise to fights and break ups ! 2012 seems to be a challenging year for you in terms of partnership and relations. Communication is a better way out if you want to avoid being involved in more stress than what you already have on your platter. Relations could break or not work for you this year. Not a good time to get married too !

Angel Advice : Before coming to a conclusion, understand from the others’s perspective ! This will help you in dealing with the situation better. Communication is the key word for you in 2012 !

Libra: The Scales (Air) Planet: Venus Tarot: The Justice
Personal : Family life is of prime importance to you this year ! You will attend and be a part of get-to-gethers, reconnect with family members who you have not been in touch with for long ! This is a time of celebrations, of marriage and being married ! You have never felt so complete in life, within your home ! I see changes in your home, either renovations or moving to a new space ! Something that you have always longed for is now yours! For those who have neglected their living space, 2012 is a good year to clear things, remove articles that are of no use. Those looking for building a new home, it’s a good time !

Professional : And after long you have finally reached a place where you cannot be dislodged from ! A winner in the making has been made ! There will be competition and that has never scared you and you’re going to use all the tricks in the trade to be what it takes to be an achiever, as always! Way to Go ! Marriage is on the cards too, with someone who supports you in your work field and believes in you! Muah!!!

Love : You’ve wished and you’ve waited ! Just a little bit more ! *An empress in the making* is your code word ! You’re grounded, practical and logical, something you’ve never been and patient too ! All you’ve wanted is now yours for the taking. 2012 brings with it a fulfillment of desires, messages of love and responses to all material, physical, spiritual, emotional calls !

Angel Advice : You want something, ask away ! And because you’ve asked earlier, you’re going to get it now! Wishes come true and hence asking for the right thing is most important!

Scorpio: The Scorpion (Water)  Planet: Mars Tarot : The Death
Personal : There is a lot that is accruing to you, a lot that you have worked for ! Now it is all yours for the taking ! Financial stability, success, returns in terms of property enhancement, designation, It comes slow and at a pace which will keep you wondering. Your hard work pays off ! A good time to build property, land acquirement !

Professional : You are sensitive towards others’ needs and in tune with what people want ! Being emotionally connected with people will bring you luck and a realization that you have well wishers too amongst those who cast a jealous eye on your success. As I always say, not having enemies means not being successful enough. With success comes jealousy, envy and those who want all those things and the easiest way is to have the professionally successful scorpio on their side ! Those working for betterment of people and uplifting the needy succeed in 2012 !

Love : Mind games have been played and now is the time to reel in the effects of what has been started. This year brings it all, making it an obvious mirror to how you have dealt with situations in the past. Time to face it, reflect on it, take the good and create a space for new found happiness ! For those looking for love, this could be a stressful time. Understanding love for love’s sake will be a priority. You will be confronting a lot of inherent fears deeply rooted within you about your love life too !

Angel Advice : Earth provides for all. Taking up too much tasks can get overpowering on the psyche of a scorpion. Conjoin with others to help those who are needy. Working for betterment of children will be beneficial !

Sagittarius: The Centaur (Fire) Planet: Jupiter Tarot: Temperance
Personal : You are so secure in your own cocoon that it spreads to the world around you. A time when family support becomes a reality and 2012 brings within you the values of a traditional setup in your home life ! A good time to start a venture or a family business. Property brings luck. A family property and inheritance becomes yours after a long wait!

Professional : A complete overhaul and turn in events ! 2012 is the time when your efforts are being paid off ! The Universe and Laws of Karma have noticed your deeds and it’s pay back time! The fruits are yours for the taking ! Good Bad Or Ugly, depends on the seeds you have sown ! But yes, the time for reaping is now! Professional changes are on the cards, this could be with reference to a new way of operating, thinking or approaching your career or a different set up altogether ! Whatever, destiny has a major role to play here!
Love : A blessed life ! Your career and love life seem to go hand in hand ! A proposal for marriage, something you’ve been waiting for since long ! You are handling your home life and your love life with grace and balancing them well !

Angel Advice : A change in your family life ! A marriage or birth of a child ! Luck!

General Overview: A very very karmic year for the Sagittarius ! There might be times when you feel that the situation is out of your hands and beyond your control ! The power has been taken away from you, it’s the mysterious magic working on you ! Good times ahead ! The whole year is important but maximum changes will be felt around February, May, August, November ! :

Capricorn: The Goat (Earth) Planet: Saturn Tarot: The Devil
Personal : There have been times when you have held back and not said the things you’ve wanted to say ! Being tolerant is a boon but now you’ve realized that you need to get rid of anything that does not work for you ! You’ve understood what false appearances and false promises are made of and 2012 is a year when you do not want to to be taken for granted ! Yes, this year, you will eliminate and do away with all that is useless and unnecessary you, be it an attitude, people, things !

Professional : You’re taking charge of your career and will decide what is your next step towards being a fulfilled and complete person ! Being talented, you appreciate creativity in others and wish others the best! Do something on the same lines where you help yourself by helping others ! Challenges would be presented when someone interferes in your way of working this year !

Love : You have been waiting for the proposal to come your way and it’s finally here ! Your love life blooms with emotional bonding and unbderstanding ! Don’t allow any insecurity or doubt from letting you disconnect with those feelings ! A boning shared strengthens with time. Love is good !

Angel Advice: Making choices can get very confusing. This year could bring you into the situation. Always decide for the highest good, that will help while making the decision!

Aquarius: The Water Bearer (Air) Planet: Saturn Tarot: The Star
Personal : Slow and Steady wins the race and you’re got what it takes to be a winner in 2012 ! It takes all the good work, hard work and blessings and that’s that ! You got it all ! Your life completes one phase, a new beginning awaits ! All that you have achieved to be, want and worked towards makes sense now ! Looking back is not allowed unless and until it brings a smile to your face for all the hardships you’ve been put through ! And yes, a little more of patience will work wonder, perfection is about the finishing touches to the raw deal ! A perfect year for you is 2012, dear aquarius!

Professional : Partnerships are now beginning to work ! March is an important time for career ! You will be offered to work with others and you would love the bonding and connection with those who you work with ! Others who work with you will start to co-operate now ! Equal opportunities will be given to you ! Those who admire you will stand by to extend their support towards you ! Rock On!

Love : To love is to heal first ! And you are healing of all the past emotions and hurts that have come your way ! And now it the time of stability, of hanging on and of coming to terms with a lot of things you did not believe in ! After the first quarter, love takes off on a different note ! A broken heart is an open heart, I read somewhere ! Love comes your way because you allow your heart to be open ! Just don’t rush things even though *Fool’s Rush In*!!! Good Luck!

Angel Advice : Oh My God ! You’re feeling that power and energy blooming within you and you’re not sure how to handle it ! It’s okay, be yourself, it comes to you naturally! Muah!!!

Pisces: The Fish (Water) Planet: Jupiter Tarot: The Moon
Personal : Changes seem to be the core issue this year. You have taken up more than you can handle and that is leaving you feeling tired and drained out ! Take a break. Carrying baggages will only hamper you. Undo anything that you have done and is not working for you. You will feel relieved ! There could be some litigation work and signing of documents too this year.

Professional : You are in control of your career. However this is the time to delegate work rather than wanting to handle it all by yourself. Yes, no one can do it better than you but you will realize that personal care and well being is important as well ! A promotion or a new designation awaits you in April !

Love : It is a stressful time where loved ones are concerned. A year that will bring many lessons along with it, changes in your persona and the way you have been dealing with those who care for you. You views and beliefs about love are going to take a whole new curve. Those looking for love, patience is the key word ! Problems associated with love life is 2012 for you !

Angel Advice : This is not the time to let insecurities pull you down. People will be insecure with your ability to be an achiever, don’t let their negativity stop you !

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