Request to Activist Sh Arvind Kejriwal from resident of Dwark, Delhi

I request Activist Sh Arvind Kejriwal to divert water pipeline toward Dwarka, N Delhi. Dwarkites are not getting water for drinking. You reconnected electricity connections. As per you this is legal. Shall I call Sh Harshvardhan or Smt Sheela for this job? You was doing electrical jobs being a Mechanical Engineer. Pipe line diversion is job of mechanical engineer. Now you are CM, you can depute your voluntary also.

What about 700 liters free water per day per family for residents of Dwarka?

Or I shall stop paying water bills? As per you this is also legal.

If you agree send to Sh Arvind Kejriwal Activist / your friends & DF.
If not read again & delete.

Citizen’s reporter:
Malik S K