Prembabu Sharma​

The very charming with winsome smile Randeep Hooda promoted his upcoming film ‘Main Or Charles’ in Noida along with film’s heroine Richa Chadda, Adil Husain, director Prawaal Raman, Producer Rahul Mitra and Commissioner Amod Kanth.

Main or Charles is a Bollywood drama film based on the life of an enigmatic con man and a vicious killer Charles Sobhraj who manipulated innumerable people to escape from the most guarded prison with his inescapable charm and mysterious personality. Directed by Prawaal Raman and produced under the banner of Wave Cinemas Cynozure Networkz, the film stars Adil Husain, Richa Chadha and Tisca chopra among others.

Be it a rowdy driver in ‘Sahib Biwi Or Gangster’ or a high strung kidnapper in ‘Highway’, an eclectic painter in‘Rang Rasiya’ or the dapper cop in ‘Kick’, this Rohtak Boy knows how to carry off any role. After showing us the every corner of his personality he is coming up as a bikini killer in Main Or Charles. he personally went to meet Charles in Nepal and received a message to pay regards to Amod Kanth. “The film is not a biopic on Charles Sobhraj. It is about a perception of Amod Kanth who had been the closest to the case. so with this film I would like people to not become Charles but to be like Amod Kanth” He said.

After winning all sorts of accolades in ‘Masaan’, this Bholi Punjaban will now be seen in a bolder role in the film. Playing the role of Mira, a law student who fells into the trap of very charming Charles and the dreams he sold, she will be surprising her fans with few intimate scenes in the film. “My character in the film is sort of you can say stupid who gets befooled by Charles. I mean in this scenario one can’t be that foolish. I got carried away with the dreams that Charles made me to think of.”

Amod Kanth, the one person who was affected by Charles the most was also present at the event and shared some of the incidences while investigating him. He said “I have closely looked many cases like Jessica murder case, Rajiv Gandhi assasination and many more but haven’t ever came across a story like that of Charles.”

Charles Sobhraj is currently in a jail in Nepal, having been convicted for several murders in the 1970s. The movie will give a peek into the dangerous mind of Sobhraj whose mystique grey personality led him to flee from Tihar Jail. The movie will tell the story of a cat and mouse chase and win game between the commissioner Amol Kanth played by Adil Husain and the evil personified Charles.