Review meet on 25th Nov. at 11 AM with regards to garbage collection

A review meeting with Chairman standing committee of SDMC on 25th at 11 am at  Kakrola to discuss the progress after the taking over the sanitation work from contractor by SDMC.

Some points/ suggestions for the meeting ( by Rejimon C.K.):

1. Meeting should FOCUS only on Sanitation. if there are other point put it for another day

2. CGHS/RWA/others should carry documents/photo graphs and proofs and submit to SCC-SDMC and other officials
3. The Garbage Collection have improved from Pvt Player DMSWSL whom MCD/SDMC paid HUGE amount without any result. However, what is currently done by SDMC employees are not SOLUTION but only an adhoc arrangement which need to find permanent solution- What we understand SILENTLY behind the scene SDMC Santion officials preparing another set of Document for a New Tender. This terms of the Contracts MUST need to have INPUT from all RWA/CGHS/MTA/Institution before finalised. SCC- of SDMC must provide opportunity for the same to RWA/CGHS/MTA etc.
4. The current Pickup need to stream line. No collection is done on Sunday as SDMC self declared Sunday HOLIDAy as per MCD Act No Sanitiation work have HOLIDAY just like Police or Fire force etc This must be ensured.
5. There are wards which is not covered as below example of Sect 7 or other areas must be included in this Gate to Gate to collection.
6. Review the entire SWEEPING of Roads, Service Road, Foot Path, Markets by Safai Kramchari’s of SDMC. Their attendamcne MUST have RWA/CGHS/MTA initial as still at large many of the SK just make attendance twice a day and no duty actually on ground
7. There are 100s of SK who are on Long Leave on temproary job or absentism, Put all such people in BLACK LIST and remove.
8. Salary of SK must be paid through Bank transfer and it must be paid by 7th by all means. I get often visit from SK groups complaining about their salary delay then DF intervene then they get their salary (this is for those who actualy do a little sweeping, ofcourse otehrs may also take benefits).
9. SK Sheltor something which DF was demanding long not implimented till date.
10. The Wheel Barrow need to be large size as given in other colonies sucha s VV, SDA, SJE, GK etc 1 WB for two SK.
11. Uniform and Identity Card is MUST for all SK’s , Garbage Removal SDMC Staffs.
12. The SDMC must organise twice a month C&D waste collection from Dwarka.
13. Private CITY SWEEP which cleans through mechanised Trucks(Large Vaccum Cleaner) of all major Master Plan roads above 40mtr must be asked to take over Serviec lane also. They must also ensure swept material removed within 24 hours and not keep it for Months on footpaths. The Coverage of MS be increased to internal roads above 15 meter once they perform the Service road take over.