SAB TV brings FIR and Lapataganj together in a HOLI Maha episode

 Prembabu Sharma

On the festive occasion of Holi, SAB TV for the first time ever is creatively integrating two of its most popular shows FIR & Lapataganj together in a Mahaepisode that will be telecasted on March 9th between 10 to 11pm. In this special episode the viewers will get a double dose of light hearted entertainment as Chandramukhi Chautala,Bajrang pandey,gopi and gulgule pay a visit to Lapataganj to solve a case.

It will be an hour of fun filled entertainment wherein Mama and Gopi will create the magic on screen that will enthrall the audiences and histrionics  of Indu, Mircha, Mukundi, Biji and Bajrang will have everyone in splits.

In Lapataganj everyone is eagerly waiting for holi.However terrible news puts an end to the whole festive mood. A dreaded dacoit Hola Singh, has declared that he will attack Lapataganj on this Holi. Hola has a unique way to celebrate his birthday by robbing people on the festive ocassion of

Holi. When Lapataganj files a complaint in their police chowky; they come to know that it is the same dacoit who has eluded Chandramukhi Chautala of Imaan Chowky for quite some time. So Mama and Sutti from Lapataganj go to Imaan chowky to inform Chandramukhi about the threat they have got from the dacoit. Chandramukhi Chautala promises to come to Lapataganj and lay a trap to catch Hola Singh. The whole of Lapataganj and Imaan Chowky join hands to catch Hola Singh. Amidst these happenings Lapataganj & FIR celebrate Holi.

Kavita Kaushik who plays the role of Chandramukhi Chautala in FIR said, “It was fun shooting this episode with the Lapataganj team. It was a brilliant idea that the SAB TV team came up with and the best part was we played Holi well in advance. After a while, everyone was looking so colourful that it became impossible to figure out who was who. I am actually looking forward to see this episode on air and relive all the moments.

Abbas Khan who plays the role of Biji Pandey in Lapataganj said, “FIR is a very popular show amongst all of us in the Lapataganj team and most of us make it a point to watch the show as and when we can. So the opportunity to shoot with them was a sone pe suhaga. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves on the shoot. It did not feel as though we were shooting for an episode but felt like we were all one big family enjoying Holi together, much like the families who watch our show.”*

Catch all the fun & excitement on super special episode on SAB TV & meet your favorite FIR & Lapataganj stars on the evening of Holi.