N. K. Bagrodia Public School, Dwarka organised Cyber week

N. K. Bagrodia Public School , Dwarka organised Cyber related activities in the last week i.e 22.10.16 to 29.10.16 with myriad activities from classes I to V and XI- XII. It was an endeavour of the school to familiarise the students with the modern aspects of computer. The variegated competitions provided a platform to the students to showcase their talent and knowledge about computers.

Different activities were conducted for different classes like Intra class Quiz based on computer terminology,Jig Saw Mania Puzzle on the spot,Rangoli Design in MSW LOGO for classes I, II and III respectively. Similarly Powerpoint Presentation in MS Powerpoint for class V was conducted, in which students displayed beautiful presentations on the topic “Noise Pollution”. The events then followed by Inter house Poster Making Competition in MS-Word for class IV. Four teams from each house participated in the competition. All the Participants showcased great enthusiasm in participating. Participants of all four teams had made beautiful drawings in Ms-Paint and then they had used those drawings in MS-Word for making posters. Creativity of the students was showcased as the students did not use any readymade picture in making the posters. Certificates were also given to the students in each class as a token of appreciation. Classes XI-XII the students had shown their talent with c++ programming activities conducted in every class. The whole month was abuzz with a lot of fun and excitement.