Satyamev Jayate shows difference between right and wrong

Vaibhav Shukla

The Basic meaning of “Satyamev Jayate” is that “Truth always wins” at any rate. Yes, it might be that sooner or later. It is the famous show which is running among all of us. The show focuses on the common problems, which are existing in the society at a large scale. Mr. Aamir Khan have really done a wonderful job by putting the common problems before the audience like Child sexual abuse, Domestic violence, Female foeticide, Honour killing, Dowry system, Medical malpractice & Alcohol abuse. The Purpose of the show is to find out the reasons and solutions of the problems and to guide the audience and aware them that how to react when the problem exist. 
Today it is seen that people like the show due to reality and to know about the various problems and it’s solutions, which may exist in anybody’s life at any time. It is the duty and responsibility of every Indian that to learn and gain knowledge from the show. The Concept does not only to watch the show, it finishes with that message “Don’t repeat the problems again and again in the society”.

The Show defines the Judgement “what is wrong” and “what is right” Though many traditional people does not believe in many things and yes they are not fully satisfied with many things like “Intercaste Marriage”. But now young generation believes in modern thinking and values. It may be that change is the rule of nature. So adopt new thoughts & new ideas.

At last I only say that this real picture teaches us the great lesson of the life. It is like Humanity, Modern Thinking and the difference between right and wrong.