Mount Carmel Business School takes their students for International Exposure Tour to broaden their bookish knowledge and apply their international experience in their respective field of their expertise. This year MCBS took their students to Bangkok, Thailand. For many of them it was a dream come true experience. They stayed in a hotel that looked very luxurious and the treatment they received was that of a really royal. Apart from having fun tour they visited the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and had a meaningful interaction with the students there. They had interaction with the corporate and the organizations there and tried to understand their working style and their ways of operations.

Apart from visiting various temples and other places of interest, they visited the world famous reclining Buddha Temple and the magnificent Safari park. There they watched and enjoyed the dolphin show, orangutan show, stunt show and many others. One of the amazing shows in Bangkok was the famous ALCAZAR Show where the students were amazed to see the lady boys who were really prettier than the real girls and would dance and perform to the perfection. The next day they went to Pattaya Island and had lot of fun in the water sports, para sailing and underwater explorations.

On a whole the trip was above students’ expectation and it was a time that they are always going to cherish and I would yearn for those days to come back.

Source: Dwarka Helpline Newspaper