Sri VIS students visit National Agricultural Science Museum

Sri VIS Eco-Crusade along with DCCW students – a school under Sarthi Programme of Climate EduXchange Project- an initiative of TERI in partnership with DELL Global Giving, visited National Agricultural Science Museum, situated in the premises of National Agricultural Science Centre (NASC) complex of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi.

Students got opportunity to explore interesting information on agriculture. The major sections were on:

1. Six Pillars of Agriculture
2. Agriculture in Pre-Historic Period Agriculture during: Indus-valley Civilization, Vedic and Post Vedic Period, Mogul Period & British Period.
3. Agriculture Science in Independent India.
4. Universal issues relating to Agriculture and its future in India.

As the visit was more on educating students on the role of agriculture in climate change, therefore we were more inclined towards the section in which detailed information in respect of environmental changes occurring in the world, such as green house effect, explosion of population, increasing agricultural costs, factors responsible for environmental pollution, application of organic technology for agriculture etc is provided.

After the visit a brief discussion was held wherein students were come out with their view points on — the role of agriculture as a contributor to climate change, the effect of climate change on agriculture and the solutions from agriculture for climate change. Overall the entire visit was very informative and exciting.