Dear Sir,

We (Adarsh Apartment, Sec:3, Pkt:16) are writing to inform you that we/our residents of Pocket-I6, Sector:3, Dwarka, (DDA LIG & MIG Flats), New Delhi are living a miserable life of the best sub-city of Delhi as they have encountered number of unresolved common issues which have not been settled. Apart from that our residents are living before a pool of dirty drain water and with the piled up waste garbage’s and with the foul smell.

Out of that one common issue is dark spot at the entrance of our gate and to the service lane. The stretch in question is undeveloped part of service lane. This undeveloped stretch on the left side of our entrance gate is being used for dumping waste/debris and other wasteful items for the last couple of years and is growing day by day. 
The whole area is filled with filth and garbage’s even animal waste is being thrown in that area. The residents and visitors often complain about the same but nothing has been done by any dept. in this regard.

Kindly take immediate steps, if not, then there is a fear of spread of mass epidemic anytime.

We shall greatly appreciate if any action be taken at the earliest to clean up the mess at the left side of our entrance gate and develop the stretch in proper manner.

With kind regards.

For on behalf of RWA Adarsh Apartment
Sec:3, Pkt:16