Suggestions for betterment of Delhi Police

Shri. K M Mishra
Joint Director
Rajya Sabha Secretariat
Room No. 142, 1st
Floor, Parliament house Annex
New Delhi-1
Mr.M .Vaikaih Naidu
Hon’ble Chairman
Standing Committee on
home affairs

Respected Sir,
Greetings from Dwarka

We are group of RWA/CGHS
and Individual working for betterment of Dwarka sub-city by making public aware,
following up with authorities, organizing interactive sessions and creating
pressure on authorities for execution of civic works. Presently we have more
than 2500 members including online members. Dwarka Sub-city
have 300 Cooperative Group Housing Societies and 55 DDA Pocket RWAs.
First we would like to thank for taking such
initiative. We have been working closely with Delhi Police since long in the
sub-city by organizing various police public meetings, organizing self defense
training for women and with number of suggestions related to traffic, encroachment.
We played instrumental role in improving the infrastructure for DP in Dwarka by
bringing 3 PS, one ACP Office and DCP South West to Dwarka. On the basis of our
experience we feel that Delhi Police has capability to become the top police
force but they definitely need some liberty from political interference and
boost by recognition from public at large. I think your committee must give a
serious thought on it.
We also find it surprising that we have
direction of Supreme Court for police reforms which is the only way to make our
police force most effective and Government is sitting over it for quite long. This
also creates doubt in peoples mind that if Govt can’t work on Honb’le Supreme
Court directives what importance they will give on the suggestions of public. We
request to clear the air this committee strongly recommends the implementation
of police reforms suggested by the court. Yes in democracy public participation
is must but being a veteran politician you know how Thana level committee is
being constituted and unfortunately this committee again create hurdle for our
police force rather than giving assistance.
On specific issues of Delhi Police we submit the
following in addition to POLICE REFORMS as Annex-I
Sir, We are sure that
the committee under your chairmanship must give a look on above to make our
Delhi Police better and effective to the satisfaction of public.
With high regards
Sushil Kumar
President- Dwarka Forum
  1. Police Reform : The Police Reform
    and Delhi Police Amendment Bill need speedy implementation.
  2. Police Pubic Relationship Officer:
    Dwarka Forum have been demanding for PPRO for Dwarka. We would request CP
    consider this at the earliest.
  3. Modernization of PS with Computer
    Networks, Emails, Scan all documents etc. All Police Stations must be on
    the Email network and the same be listed through DTP Website and also
    lodging suggestion/complaint by public through a prescribed Web form goes
    online to respective PS and copy to concerned ACP/DCP and Central
    Monitoring unit. All the documents of the PS must be scanned and preserved
    within months. For this heavy duty scanners must be procured or private
    contractor be asked to scan at PS premise for each Police District. All
    Police stations be connected via Web Cam or Video Conference to enable
    CP/Jt CP/DCP to communicate with respective SHO/ACP at any given point
    time or even group conference.
  4. CCTV: A large number of CCTV
    installed during CWG which are to be equally distributed to various Police
    Stations and install at all vital ENTRY & EXIST and Markets.
    Additional CCTV to be procured and installed all the main road be
    installed CCTV.
  5. Beat Constable – Accountability:A Beat Constable
    is the Public Face of Delhi Police and the 1st contact points for
    Public as well as Violators. Currently if you ask Beat constable what is his
    duties and objectives or task. He/she will have no clue. There must be clear
    direction in WRITTEN the list of responsibility for the beat constable and in
    the failure to adhere the listed accountable departmental action. For example:
    A beat constable still have no clue whether he have power to remove an
    encroachment on public area/land at first instance. Leave apart he has no clue
    whether he could stop a person illegally placing any obstacle on road or
  1. Miscellaneous expenses for
    Beat/Check Post staffs for Tea/Biscuits and other refreshments: The lower
    division staffs of DP who are posted at remote Check posts and Bandbast
    have no facilities such as Tea/Cofee/Biscuts etc for refreshment during
    night and other time. A suitable budget may incorporated in this aspect
    for such staffs who are on duty outside PS & not near Markets.
  2. Beat Boxes and Security Posts: A large number
    of Police Beat Box and Security Box were removed in the past due to reason both
    valid and some cases invalid. These Boxes or Posts are need of the hour. A
    security check staff posted at entry/exit points of PS boundary or Bandhabast
    position needs shelter to give protection from weather conditions. While
    deciding its design the sample used in CWG may be considered which is glass so
    that no anti social elements misuse or even staffs not use it as sleeping
    shelter or drinking and other purpose etc.
  1. Display of Boards at the Exit gate
    of all PS about important contact Nos: All the police station EXIT Gate
    promptly display the Contact No/Email/Fax/Mobile No of all Senior
    officials hierarchy wise including a special post at CP Office to handle
    grievance of unsatisfied citizen coming out from PS without getting his
    complaint registered or Harassement or Corruption etc. (Dwarka Sector 23
    PS is an example for other PS in this regard).
  2. Monthly meeting visit with RWA :
    The Jt. CP/DCP/ ACP/SHO should have monthly meeting in their respective
    areas of operations and At least every quarter the CP may invite RWA/MTA
    etc for a meeting for interaction for feedback and improving relation and
  3. Canteen Facilities for all PS with
    over 50 staff: All the Police stations need a Canteen as the duty hours
    are longer and many times lead UN SCHEDULE diet resulting health for the
    forces. To avoid this and facility and motivate all Police Stations be
    allowed to run a canteen in its complex either by some private individuals
    or petty criminals who were counseled and changed to good paths.
  4. Wearing of Identity Card on duty be
    made Mandatory for all staffs: During the CWG it was found most of the
    staffs wearing the ID card. The same habits are not found now. These ID
    cards are very important as there were many instant duplicating Police, it
    also give citizen to identify the person and verify credentials.
  5. Anti Corruption Initiatives: There
    are clear provision stipulated in various rules/acts etc. Some are CCS
    Conduct Rule 18 which ask for Annual Assets and Transaction. This must be
    strictly adhered by Delhi Police. Also as per CVC Guide lines no staff
    should be in one post more then 3 years if that post is sensitive more
    then 80% posts are sensitive in DP. Vigilance enquiry be separated from
    normal police station/senior official’s office. The outcome of Vigilance
    complaint must be shared with complainant to reinstate confidence in Delhi
    Police. Any DP staff found Corrupt must be put under doubtful integrity
    list and suitable action announced through website/media. A special
    squad(Flying Squad) be constituted and act/pretend  as citizen (in civil dress) before
    doubtful integrity staffs and record the entire event using spy cam and
    take necessary step against the staffs by putting note personal files/ACR
    including warning and if serious taken departmental action. The FEAR of
    CAUGHT must also be in Delhi Police Staff in corruption.
  6. REWARD: Publicly award/reward
    performing staffs to motivate other staffs

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