Sukh Dukh Ke Sathi Sanstha Celebrated World Elders Day

A lecture on neurological issues was arranged by the Sanstha on the occasion of World Elders Day. Dr. Sweta Singla MD, DM (Neurology) of sector-6, plot-7, Dwarka had delivered a detailed lecture on the issues related to neurological problems in elders on the morning of 2nd October 2012. In the park behind Manish Mall Sec-22, Dwarka. 

The Neurological disorders are major cause of restricted mobility, decreased cognitive abilities and poor quality of life in elderly population. Prevention as well as timely identification and management of these disorders are important to decrease the impact of these disorders on our lives. A preventive strategy will include a combination of the physically, mentally and socially active lifestyle. Symptoms like sudden severe headache, recurrent vomiting, disorientation, confusion, unconsciousness, unexplained falls, slowness and stiffness of the limbs and weakness of any limbs suggest onset of a neurological disorder and should alert us to rush the patient to a neurologist for early diagnosis and management. 

After the lecture queries raised by the members were replied by Dr. Sweta. As a gesture of good will she has out rightly announced to give 50 % concession to members of sanstha.

There after sanstha celebrated birthday of their member Sh. J.K.Jindal. A poem composed by Sh. P.B.Mishra was read by the convener Sh. D.C.Mathur, followed by light refreshment. At the end, Mr Shashi Kapoor, Gen Secretary conveyed thanks to Dr. Sweta for her giving detailed note on the neurological disorder.