Tap the Infinite Potentiality of Soul by the Technique of Occult Cosmic Sun

Spiritual Healer

  • Of all the heavenly body the Sun is the most important to us. It brings us light, heat and life. The Sun is the source of energy available to man; it is our parent star and its fire-energy sustains all life. The life every living entity is on our earth is ultimately dependant on the sun.
  • Higher self is the spiritual part of the man being most enlightened.it is both a part of us and apart from us. It is omnipresent, omniscient and omnipotent awareness or consciousness, which is our true nature and destiny. There is a universal ray of creative light that radiates from the cosmic Sun of the higher self.
  • Communication to the higher soul is the backbone of occult science.
Higher self analogy as a radiating Sun:
  • The Sun gives energy as light and heat and all kind of radiations that we cannot see or feel, just like Sun ours higher self radiates cosmic vibrations throughout the physical/ethereal /spiritual body of a being.
  • We drink the Sun divine life and float in its magical radiant plasma the solar energy has infallible powerful and holds the key of our solar-system, also the higher self is an integral part of us whose power is of incalculable worth, which is free, unbounded, centralised and capable of limitless expansion.
With the technique of cosmic Sun connection we can possess the ULTIMATE occult tool and will remain consciously attuned to our higher self.

Absorbing cosmic Sun technique:
  • Sit in a comfortable position with closed eyes.
  • Visualize 5 feet above your head, a bright and radiating Sun, scattering thousand volts of spiritual energy.
  • Mentally visualize the silver light of sun, flowing down and bathing your mind, body and soul with cosmic power.
  • Now take 10 slow and deep breaths.
  • Feel the glowing light and heat of the rays spreading throughout the whole body. Your whole body is illuminated by the bright, penetrating sun light.
  • Gradually the light penetrates and infuses itself into your innermost being and you begin to shine and radiate the spiritual heat and divine light throughout your body.
  • Visualize the spiritual light penetrating your etheric and casual bodies.
  • You are nothing but light, reflecting the spiritual warmth and light of the eternal soul. Let this feeling to depth of sub consciousness.
  • Repeat this technique daily.
  • Always try to remember the presence of Sun above your head in daily routine. Your body is nothing but an illuminating electricity of purifying and healing nature.
  • The purpose of this mediation is to make you more and more aware of your higher self or to feel the presence of the God within.
  • This powerful technique will attune you to your’s higher self. You will always vibrate with the spiritual frequency of the higher self.
Benefits of technique:
  • This technique will open the psychic and clairvoyant centres of your higher mind, to know your future, to solve any problem and to find fulfillment of your innermost dreams.
  • When you absorb the radiating energy of the spiritual Sun all the toxins of the system are flushed out. The cosmic rays will energize every atoms and cells of every organ of your body.
  • It relieves the stress and anxiety and reduces the risk of diseases.
  • It is rejuvenating and slows down the process of aging. You will find the secret of eternal youth through the cosmic rays of the higher self
  • Absorption of cosmic Sun rays increases the melatonin, improves the body’s natural capacity to heal itself during deep sleep, even in old age.
  • Your higher self bears the divine imprint of God, may traverse the invisible interstices of time and space, knowing secrets and mysteries that are denied to those who lack faith in such cosmic miracles.
  • This potent technique will attune you to the cosmic Sun of the higher self, the highest force existing in the universe, and giving you spiritual and cosmic powers to perform amazing miracles.
  • This divine light will protect you from all outside negative energies like psychic attacks, black magic etc.